Thursday, 25 July 2019

What is a Twin Flame?

I have been asked this question so many times that by the end of it my reply grew always longer and more elaborate and turned into a whole essay about the subject (which I still think is not enough really to explain the totality of the phenomenon).

Some people believe in them, others don't. Some believe without having met theirs and others don't believe simply because they haven't met theirs. The ones who have met their twin flames could never go back from believing that their twin could be anyone but a twin flame. Because truly, it will feel extraordinarily different to be with them than to interact with any other human being in the world so there is no way you won't 'know' that this is a special bond once you start what is usually more of a non-relationship than a relationship. The twin flame is the one and only, the biggest revealer of all your insecurities and the biggest love you can ever have, a love that transcends time and space. They are your mirror, so that anything that upsets you in them you will easily trace back to the way you treat yourself and any self-growth and soul-growth you go through you will see mirrored in them even when the two of you are apart. The Twin Flame will bring you peace and depression both, if you are not yet in a place in your life where you feel you are secure. However I can tell you that I would never have it any other way and that even should my Twin Flame and I not reunite in this lifetime, my unconditional love for him would always remain. It takes a lot for me to commit to anything, it is one of my spiritual blocks that I am working on in fact, and as a start to overcoming that what better way than to tattoo the Twin Flames symbol invented by St Germain on my skin, a commitment for life.

Here is the gist of What is a Twin Flame?:

At the very beginning, God split each soul into two - the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. We are all of us just one part of those two (either very feminine with a tiny bit of masculine or vice versa). Each of the two halves goes to earth and embodies a human, one lifetime after another. The pact is that the two halves eventually will reunite. When they do, they will mirror all your good and all your bad till both of you will start this 'game' of running from the other due to all the fears and doubts else chasing them obsessively as they will feel like ‘home' (which makes the other run more). Most of the time, both twins are chaser and runner at different times in the ‘non-relationship’. They will usually appear in your life at a time of great need to teach you your lessons and to help you find God.

If in the particular lifetime, the twins not only meet but manage to stop the on/off relationship by learning all their lessons and coming into union is when they will use their time on this earth to complete their missions, preferably by each other's side, and eventually when they leave this world they ascend together to heaven as one. The twins don't reincarnate at the same time, or not in the same place or not of the same race a lot of the time. They will face their perfect other half and yet feel that due to society etc they have hurdles to be together. (For example the Divine Masculine being much younger than the Divine Feminine and therefore in a totally different kind of lifestyle etc). It is scarily true that every complaint you will find in your twin’s character you may trace back to yourself once you try and once a twin ‘fixes’ a bad trait then both will stop doing it. Twins are telepathic but even unconsciously mirror life.

When you meet your twin even if you know nothing of this, you will somehow feel this explosion within you, this amazing euphoria that comes from a happiness of being whole again. Hence the chase whenever one runs or vice versa. But the union only happens once you stop relying on your twin for happiness and find it within. It is known that twins once they find each other will never feel complete without the other and try as they might to keep any karmic/soulmate relationship going, they will eventually move on to the twin permanently. Twin flames share one energy - a big magnetic energy - which is probably part of why they feel better when with the other I guess too.

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