Friday, 16 November 2018

Saving The Environment One Packaging Item Less At A Time

I took my son to McDonald's this week. Unhealthy though it is, I found myself in a position where I did not have enough time to take my son to my home for a meal before rushing off to an appointment so I found the nearest fast food place to where we were and ordered him a Happy Meal. My son's priority is the toy over the food, needless to say.
Now Happy Meals not only have toys included in the price but also a lot of packaging. As my son unwrapped his new periscope of its plastic bag and even pulled out the usual paper showing the full set of collectible toys of the moment, my hands automatically reached out to grab the recyclable materials to throw in the appropriate grey garbage bag as I would at home. Remembering there was none in the fast food place, I put them in my handbag to take care of at home. At the end of the meal, even the big carton Happy Meal lunchbox made it into our car to throw away at home.

Recycling is a part of my every day and I don't even think about it, it is just what I do. However I am sure I was the only customer who made the effort and held on to the recyclable disposable avoidable packaging and advertising material till I could dispose of them 'safely', if safely it is, considering it would be more helpful to the environment to avoid using such one-time-use plastic and paper products.

Why am I writing this? It is a mystery to me how, with all the awareness and campaigns going on for so long about environmental awareness and all, we would still have so many brand names using disposable material so extensively in their every day.

I am not pinpointing McDonalds here, which just happened to be where my eureka moment took place. I am making a general comment about lack of commitment by big names to help deal with the problem that is waste and its impact on our world's state. For in a world that is slowly deteriorating no thanks to human consumption, it would be right for the big names to make an impact and set the tone for taking care of the environment. Imagine all the franchises giving a good example with their own policies and product choices. The world would literally be a better place for it.

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