Friday, 30 November 2018

Ghosts of Christmas Past - An Event Not To Miss!

DLS Productions in collaboration with Symphusion are going to rock the theatre down this Season as they bring you a performance that will defy all traditions yet still give a hygge Christmas feel.

It is a tale from times gone by and around this festive time, where four actors narrate the story of one loving mother who wants the best for her son, even when that means giving him up. Set in any land our imaginative mind desires, this is a journey that sees actors, dancers, solo singers, a choir and a ten piece band all come together to make magic. They will seamlessly fuse classical, Christmas and rock music with theatre as well as an important message for this special time of year.

This grandiose show will run from the 13th to 16th of December at the Valletta Campus - University of Malta Theatre (ex-MITP).

The show has loud music and moving lights. It is open to and appropriate for all audiences aged three and over. The venue is accessible by wheelchair.

Tickets are available at the price of EUR20 and EUR25 and can be bought online through

Ghosts of Christmas Past is an original concept by Stefan Farrugia, written and directed by Lucienne Camilleri.

The show is supported by: Rock ’N Malta Fund, Festivals Malta, The University of Malta - School of Performing Arts, RVC Event Lighting and Nisga Digital Media & Design

Saturday, 24 November 2018

And Black Friday did it again

So yesterday was Black Friday. And not just in America and Canada where they had just celebrated Thanksgiving but seemingly everywhere in the Western World. Also, in some shops it was not just a Friday thing but a weekend-long deal.

As a Minimalist I don't really 'do' Black Friday and use it instead to browse for items I was actually needing to buy regardless of sales. I so don't look out for 'bargains' on things I would otherwise have done without that today I went to a shop to buy an item I saw a week ago that I was sure I would go back for and I was pleasantly surprised when at the cash point the owner told me there was a discount.

However I am not here to gloat about how much I saved by not even buying anything (though that point is true too!) Today I am more concerned with the fact that the queues of people waiting around to get into a particular shop at any time of day yesterday would be so prone to the marketing ploy that they a) took a day off work to hit the sales, b) probably waited hours to get into the shop therefore using up precious life-time, c) ultimately got into said place to be in some cases told the item has now finished and d) also probably didn't really get good 'deals' at all as shops tend to higher 'original price' to get down to the discount price sometimes.

Yeah, I am a party pooper today. And also probably ruining my chance of ever submitting a CV to work in a Marketing department and getting chosen given potential employers nowadays google prospective employees and this will come right up there in their search. Yet I am a stickler for saying it like it is.

To be fair, I have seen some honest Sales here and there. As I said already, I went back for an item today and I know for a fact that the price I paid at the till was less than what was marked on the item even last week before the hype and the fake cut off prices began. I also did see some stores advertising percentages off that seemed to be genuine. Yet the point remains that yesterday marked THAT day on the calendar when people went even more out of their way than usual to fall prey to Consumerism.

When will we all learn that Enough is actually great and More will only ever leave us desiring for yet More? Enough is achievable once and lasts forever but More can never be satisfied.

Friday, 16 November 2018

Saving The Environment One Packaging Item Less At A Time

I took my son to McDonald's this week. Unhealthy though it is, I found myself in a position where I did not have enough time to take my son to my home for a meal before rushing off to an appointment so I found the nearest fast food place to where we were and ordered him a Happy Meal. My son's priority is the toy over the food, needless to say.
Now Happy Meals not only have toys included in the price but also a lot of packaging. As my son unwrapped his new periscope of its plastic bag and even pulled out the usual paper showing the full set of collectible toys of the moment, my hands automatically reached out to grab the recyclable materials to throw in the appropriate grey garbage bag as I would at home. Remembering there was none in the fast food place, I put them in my handbag to take care of at home. At the end of the meal, even the big carton Happy Meal lunchbox made it into our car to throw away at home.

Recycling is a part of my every day and I don't even think about it, it is just what I do. However I am sure I was the only customer who made the effort and held on to the recyclable disposable avoidable packaging and advertising material till I could dispose of them 'safely', if safely it is, considering it would be more helpful to the environment to avoid using such one-time-use plastic and paper products.

Why am I writing this? It is a mystery to me how, with all the awareness and campaigns going on for so long about environmental awareness and all, we would still have so many brand names using disposable material so extensively in their every day.

I am not pinpointing McDonalds here, which just happened to be where my eureka moment took place. I am making a general comment about lack of commitment by big names to help deal with the problem that is waste and its impact on our world's state. For in a world that is slowly deteriorating no thanks to human consumption, it would be right for the big names to make an impact and set the tone for taking care of the environment. Imagine all the franchises giving a good example with their own policies and product choices. The world would literally be a better place for it.

Thursday, 8 November 2018


I am trying to do away with it but it has a way of coming back at me from avenues other than the ones I declutter!!

I realised this last weekend when I ended up making one long car trip simply to pick up the parcel full of photos that I'd ordered online from the Post Office in the next town. Yes, I am a Minimalist who gets photos printed out. I am nowhere close to obsessed with photos. In fact, as with everything else in my life, I am actually extremely selective. But I do need to see them in my hands, put them in an album maybe too, and be able to gaze at them lovingly. Just a couple weeks back I wrote an article about my photos which you can check out here:

Since I now actually put them in the album and wrote down dates and short snippets of into about the particular photos, I started thinking of how much I'd love my son to have and read and look through the album eventually too. Once I saw the result of my trip to the Post Office, I have come to believe it was worth it. However as I said it got me thinking. Uploading, cropping and resizing, choosing photo sizes and finishes took time as did the eventual trip to pick them up. That is not counting the money I paid for them and the time spent looking up what date had which photo been taken on (thank you FB for that!) and to put them all in order and write down the corresponding titbits of info. So every item that enters our life, as per the Minimalist creed, will take your time and money, both of which could be used for something else. With this in mind, as well as my problem with facing any kind of clutter, I hope to still hold onto and develop my photos but at the slow rate I been going at up to now. No need for the albums to pile up. One and a half years of photos (this is my post-marital-split new start album) and I filled only maybe one third of it as yet.

On to another source of acquired junk, I have decided to take up collaging again. I used to love it when I was very small and remained fascinated by it as I grew up and discovered my childhood lonely hobby was actually something big and money-making in the adult world. Professional artists like Lisa Falzon and Luciano Micallef have managed to seamlessly incorporate it into their professional work in a way that makes me want to try it out. The thought came to me as I flipped through my lately-acquired copy of Ideal Home, which I preferred to cut out pictures from than actually read. This revelation taught me two things. Firstly, I have got to that saturation point whereby buying more articles about home decorating will not help me achieve anything new at this point. On the other hand, it showed me just how many ways the photos inside the magazine could be used for creating awesome collages and even backgrounds to them. This had me rushing to the charity shop at the first chance in order to buy a load of outdated similar magazines simply to cut out pictures from. Again, time and money were spent (albeit little of both) in order to get more 'stuff' into my life. However the end justifies the means in this case as being a very creative self who thrives on creating art in all its forms, the couple of euro and small pile of 'junk' will serve me well and are worth the trouble. This is very much the same way that I view books, whereby I don't mind paying to buy them (I hate ebooks) but then allow myself to sell them or at times even give them away for free once I am done with them. I see the cost as a payment for the experience of reading rather than to acquire a thing. Back to my collaging experiments, I am usually either very slow or very fast in completing artwork. When I have any decent completed collages I will definitely share on here with my readers.

Thankfully my hobbies and wants are quite small in size (my one and only current album will take years to fill up at this rate!) and at times even temporary (I will be throwing the second-hand magazines in the recycling garbage bag once I am done cutting up their insides). However size does not matter when something means a lot to you so I will never stop reading, making art or developing photos of my most heartfelt memories simply to conform to the most extreme kind of Minimalism. That said, I am a good guardian as a rule of what I allow to come into my life in terms of stuff and will always remain selective of what I allow to fill up my time and home.

Thursday, 1 November 2018

Broadway Villains - this 8th November

From the actors that brought you the likes of Belliegha Rockin’ The Underworld and Laugh? I nearly went to Miami! comes their latest - Broadway Villains - a show as gripping as it sounds. On the 8th of November, eight performers and an accompanist will rustle up a night of absolutely magical music and mischief as the villains from Broadway take centre stage amid cocktails and song.

Happening at The Thirsty Barber, this is a show with limited seating so hurry up and dial 99996608 for tickets at only EUR10 including a glass of wine or prosecco on entry. Seating is on a first come first serve basis.

The performers of this fabulous show are the following talented bunch:

Julia Cini
Neil Grech
Chrissy Warrington
Michela Agius
Yandrick Agius
Thomas Grixti
Matthew Cassar
Amy Caruana Dingli

accompanied live by Elaine Mercieca on the piano