Sunday, 29 July 2018

The 'I love' Series - Throwback to a First Fave Song

Sometimes I get a flashback and see a young version of myself, sitting on a swing at the park in my hometown, singing along to a song being blasted out of the speakers of a casual eatery close by.

I still remember the name of the song because it used to be my fave; my very first favourite song. It is Laura Pausini's La Solitudine, a ballad in Italian that talks of young love lost when a male youngster must move across the country and how the girl who remains behind misses him so.

Twenty-five years since its release, the song still gives me goosebumps and sits in my top ten favourites of all time. I don't remember been so transfixed by any other song in the same way.

Love transcends time and so did this love-song. Whoever the 'Marco' mentioned in the song was, real or imaginary, he seemed to give the singer a sense of belonging that left her both melancholy and hopeful after his departure as well as making her feel as though a part of her had been lost once he was gone.

Being a teenager in the nineties meant I heard pop love songs around me all the time and yet I will still harp on the fact that no other song from the same decade hit me as hard. It could be that Pausini's yearning for lost love mirrored my own hopeful young self as I dreamt of what love could be like.

I have since found love and lost it, more than once, and will never again be that awkward girl with dreams in her eyes as she hummed along to the Italian song that asked 'Ti prego aspettami' ('I beg you to wait for me') for now I know that in reality, no one will wait for you and you must be your own dream come true.

Sunday, 22 July 2018

Fictitious Characters That Left Their Mark

We love a good story, be it to read or to watch, yet we must all admit that however good the plot, it is usually the characters that make one tale stand out above the rest. So here are companion piece articles I wrote about characters we love to love (or hate!)

Sunday, 15 July 2018

Gianpula Event, Another New Experience

Only last year, I got to know I actually like Trance music. I missed out on the whole partying scene back when I was young without ever even trying it out. However last year I met a music producer who would tempt me into listening to his tracks and once I did, I was hooked. Unlike what I thought, the music, despite being electronic, was melodic and its beat interesting. I would go on to listen to any new tracks from this DJ/Producer and even become interested in attending parties where such music is played.

Yesterday I had the opportunity of attending such a party. One Off Events presented Cosmic Gate on their Materia Album Tour as well as JES and Christian Burns singing Classics live. I have only one word to say: Amazing!

Makes me regret never having done this before and yet as they say, it is never too late. Maybe it had to take the quiet resolve of this one Producer to make me see sense, which is one way of putting it. Truly, the atmosphere was great and everyone's intent was one and the same: to listen to some chilling live renditions of songs we all love to hear on repeat as well as dance to the music that blasted out through the night from the main stage.

All in all, it was an experience I will never forget though I don't plan on making it my only one.

Sunday, 8 July 2018

New Home and A Resolve to Purge

It is Sunday night once again and I moved home yesterday. In an ideal world I would say I am settled in well already, all my stuff is in place and I have so much energy with which to start my week. In reality though, truth is always a little off from our original plans and therefore I find myself half asleep as I write this, with two days of hauling stuff from one place to the next behind me and boxes and bags all over the floor around me. Considering that I am a Minimalist and am finding this an ordeal, I cannot fathom how I could have made it if I'd had more physical things to move. Even as it is, I do not intend to have to move all this stuff once more. Seeing as I love all my clothes and most of the items I do own, I am not talking about pruning my belongings further unless it is because I honestly am not using some items. However in terms of things that 'get used up' in time, I will not be replacing my stockpiles any time soon, at least not before I move again and settle into what I hope will be a more permanent home. I would not part with any of my empty notebooks for example, but as I use them up (and I do throw some away after they get used, they have no sentimental value), I will ensure not to get as many new ones, however inspirational they might look. Same goes for toiletries, for example. Whilst I do love having a choice of more than one or two different shower gels at one go (and I do like stockpiling stuff I am afraid of running out of), yet I could easily do with less stock especially for this year in which I am going to be living alone rather than with a son and/or husband as in the past.

All the above said, I still anyway intend to go through the whole of my life's worth of 'stuff' other than for the clothing and KonMari'ing it all. I am sure that in the past, for having space to hoard things, I would have overlooked many items that in a proper KonMari session I should have parted with in some way or another, being through selling, giving it away else realistically needing to place it in the bin. This last reminds me of an achievement from this week. After years of hauling it from home to home and barely ever making use of it, I finally discarded my old plastic drawing board that was in most recent years being used as a base for my crafting knife needs and was therefore pretty shabby and scratched and no good as a drawing board any longer anyway. Rather than haul it to my new home 'just in case' I ever needed a cutting board (especially now that I have stopped printing and cutting my own business cards and ordered professionally made ones instead), I put it in the recycling bin from where my hoarder son obviously pulled it out as he 'might need it' and 'why was it there?'. Don't worry, in the end I put it back into the recycling bag and went about my day. Some things are best parted with despite their years of service.

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Update to my Rollercoasterride Life

In the turmoil that has been my life recently, the days passed me by in a whirl and I really believed I had posted a new entry on the weekend but seems to have been the weekend before!

I have been sick for the past few days with a very strange ailment, truth be told. I suffer horribly from reactions to stress and on Sunday ended up at the ER with a severe reaction that seemed much like a horrible mouth infection but it was just from the stress. Cost me a huge bruise on the arm where I asked the doctor to try and insert a canula though he'd warned me already that the veins were too tiny where I was pointing for him to try (I couldn't open my mouth, talk or eat and drink so was all miming and writing on my phone and handing it over to receptionist, nurse and doctor. Sounds hilarious but it actually wasn't.

Anyways, now that you know how come I totally didn't realise another weekend had come and gone before I wrote a post, I will say this one thing, as it is quite big. I am moving this week. It was quite unexpected and causing me even some more stress and worry but hopefully all will be good once I settle down. One thing that has come out of the move is that it has caused me to realize just how much stuff I do have. Considering I hope to eventually move to a flat big enough for me and my son, rather than just a room in a flat share as I am going to be doing for now, I cannot remove all my stuff then have to re-buy it all when I get my own kitchen etc. However in general I am having to downsize a lot of my things and look carefully at what should remain. As a result I am for the first time even thinking more practically. Will I realistically ever reuse my son's old clothes? I am in no relationship, let alone sure I will be in one where both me and a partner will want another kid. Which might turn out to be a girl after all! The one thing is I am trying to sell rather than give away my son's old things. Well, old they aren't really. I came across so many barely worn articles that it is a lesson in itself to stick to practicality on shopping trips. Add to which not even his school books are that worn! At least the ones that were not used for writing in. So I hope to get around to photographing and posting those too for sale on Facebook.

I am off now as it is close to midnight and with my sick leave over, I return tomorrow to a full day's work, therefore needing an early start to the day. I leave you with a promise that I will update you all about my move and what I learn from it throughout this coming year of flat-sharing and having most of my life packed into one room. Till next time, good night.