Sunday, 15 April 2018

Selfies Galore... Continued

Following my rant last time about never getting selfies quite right, as well as the lovely informative comments from one of my readers, I am now back with some selfies that are much better than the previous ones, if I may say it myself.

For those who missed last week's post, here it is again:

As my reader advised, it does seem like it is mostly about getting the right angle as well as being confident in front of the camera. I have not yet exactly mastered smiling in self-taken photos but I think I've come a long way, again because of said confidence. Once I decided that my face was looking good in the selfies, however, I started noting all the other mistakes I make in taking the photos, this time a problem with background, particular items or even the lighting.

So after posing for the perfect photo wearing a new top and on the way to an important meeting, I found myself looking at a snapshot that had one minor flaw, a clothes hanger left in the background! Try as I might, I couldn't reproduce that shot after I removed said offending hanger. Same type of issue appeared when I wore my photochromic specs in a pic. They were dark enough not to let my eyes show properly, yet not dark enough to conceal them, leaving me with a picture that attracted attention to that very fact more than anything else in the composition. Another frustrating thing I've noticed is that sometimes, the background is too similar to my hair colour or that of my clothes and seems to cause an anti-climatic effect. Again, trust my camera skills to fall short once I move a few steps to take the same picture on a different background.

I noted other small details like how it is difficult to make my blowdried hair appear perfect in pics whilst with curly locks I am able to get decent pics every time. The reason is probably that curls are in themselves unruly, imperfect, asymmetrical, whilst straight hair can very easily look out of place.

However, I still find that the most important detail in a selfie seems to be the lips and therefore the smile. I am smiling in most of the best pictures whilst those pictures that seem otherwise perfect always fall short of perfection when I am not smiling in them.

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  1. I will comment on each photo and tell you what's good and what could have been better as long as you don't mind.

    Starting with the first one, you have two options, either you look directly into the lens and make eye contact or avoid completely by looking far away. You were caught looking at the display. Second thing, give some angle by turning your shoulders slightly around, it gives more dept to the picture and don't be afraid to twist your neck just a little.

    Second and third pictures - nice shirt but it hides your neck. You need to consider a few things when choosing clothes; your best looking features. In a portrait you have the shape of the face, the eyes, the nose, the lips, the ears, the neckline, and of course accessories which you can either make them stand out or hide them. In my opinion hiding your neckline is not a good idea. I like the glasses in picture 3, it really suits you.

    Pictures 4,5 & 6 - beware of the light. If you're in direct sunlight (like in 5) you'll get a very dark shadow and burnt out highlights ruining the picture. If you're having back light, you will have to use a flash to compensate the shadow cast on the whole face like pic 6.

    I choose picture 4 as my personal favourite basing my choice on the smile and depth of field created by the chin and the neck. I don't mind the fog effect caused by the backlight but be careful about reflection in your glasses, it's not easy to avoid it but keep in mind that you're creating a distraction and masking the beauty of the eyes.