Wednesday, 31 May 2017

On Life's Blows and How The Writing Goes On

And ashamedly I have been away too long, yet again. I sound like a broken record any time I pull out the excuse that 'life got in the way' but truly that is what happened yet again. I mentioned in the last post that I am currently going through some personal stuff that's thrown me into Crisis Mode and it still stands.

Unfortunately the Crisis Mode extended to my writing schedule but as I struggle with myself to start my life over after a big painful stab killed my old one, I got some very basic, honest and even noteworthy advice from someone who I realised lately seems to know me better than I know myself. So I am taking that advice and pouring myself into my writing rather than shying away from it. Easier said than done when my mind's all over the place and I am barely functioning properly, still in shock from recent events. Yet I do know that if I want to heal, move on, start afresh, doing that which makes me not only happy but also makes me feel in control is what will make the biggest difference.

Maybe that is why my personal poetry book has empty pages where the past few years should have resided in it. Unless I am ecstatically happy else in the depths of despair (to put it in a dramatic novelesque way), I do not write poetry but only prose. It is from deep emotions that we extract our very soul and pour it into writing and needless to say, the poetry is right now coming back in full force. In fact it seems a struggle to subdue that soul into writing the commercial articles that are my 'job' as well as part of my passion. However, I am too happy with my readership, my Publishing House and too in love with my own work (I am proud of it, if I may say so myself) to not push myself to still write those more mainstream articles that I know will be read by hundreds, hopefully even thousands of people at times. Meanwhile my poetry book is personal and remains for the most part unshared with the world, so not exactly the outlet I need when I crave readership for what I write.

I knew it was about time to come back to my blog to update you readers, but until a few minutes ago I had absolutely no idea what this would be about. Then I did that one thing that always gives me the push I need to sit and get things done, I opened up my portfolio of articles and flipped through the ever-increasing number of typed pages with their all-too familiar titles and phrases. Not only does that action always induce sweet flashbacks to the time of writing each piece, but also gives me the will to fill up even more of the transparent folders that still remain empty in the book. So even as I struggle on with the lot life's thrown at me these past months, I promise to come up with the most amazing works yet as I look to fill up those empty pages with thrilling words and my favoured alliterative phrases that I make up as I go along.

Friday, 19 May 2017

Zero Waste when Life's in Crisis Mode

Life has a habit of throwing crisis our way that we would never expect, even though in some instances it is not the case and some situations just seem to brew at the back of our minds for ages and ages before coming to the fore. This counts also for people and things. One day that very treasured item that has seen you through each day might get lost or stolen or break down and people enter and leave our lives as we go through the journey of life, some bringing joy and others despair, whilst we hope to move on every day to a better place.

I am not trying to turn philosophical on my readers. I would rather write my usual humorous take on something or other than be about to tell you that I have no new vlog post or conclusions on my Zero-Waste experiments to share, nor new film reviews either. Life has, in fact, thrown me into crisis mode and whilst as always I am not open to discussing my personal life on this blog, it is unavoidable to confess to at least this fact whilst apologising for not having any material to share. However just as any crisis will help us find our instincts and survive, so has it shown me how the usual topics of my conversations fit (or not) into my most basic life.

I started out my Zero Waste experiment trying to reduce as much as possible on my family's trash. On one trip to Lidl just after I made up my mind to record my findings, I browsed through the isles selecting a net of tomatoes over the ones packed in a tray (they were probably cheaper too) and chose to buy the 500gr tubs of yogurt over a larger quantity of the smaller servings. My reasoning was to save some plastic, which in theory would make sense. However, my 500gr tub of yogurt lasted less than the 3 days over which I should have spread it and I ended up eating more than my fair portion, which used to be 150gr daily. Not only did it throw me off my diet but also didn't seem to make much sense in terms of daily plastic waste as a result. Thinking about it, it might even have turned out to be more costly in terms of my daily expense.

Meanwhile, in true hippie fashion, I was trying to reduce waste at home also by saving anything compostable to give my son for the school compost bin. So all my teabags (I'm a heavy tea drinker), egg shells, apple, banana and potato shavings, went into packs in the fridge to send on to the school. I was surprised that my son seemed to be the only one in the class to keep this up through the first two terms. Well, roll around the third term and my now crisis-mode home management system and even I forgot all about the daily ritual of storing rather than throwing away. To be honest, and I'm sure the Zero Waste community will hate me for this, I was relieved to have something less on my mind.

Ok so I do not have enough findings about the experiment to write a good long article highlighting the good and the bad, especially since I had to stop mid-way through my hands-on research. However I did get a fitting conclusion to how Zero Waste figures in my life:

I will forever try to help our planet by being more attentive to how what I buy and eat and throw away will affect it. However, I don't think I will ever be ready to put it at the top of my list of things that I care for in the way that Minimalism has so snuggly fit in. But that is the topic for my next post.

Sunday, 7 May 2017

A Plotted Death or Two

Are you the type of person who cannot get away from characters even after a good book finishes? Do you feel for characters, good guys or bad, and wonder why so many of them get killed off? Over the years I have suffered through too many character deaths to let it go on any more without at least trying to justify it, if only for my own sake not to feel such great pity any more. I am after all a creative writer and know well that character injuries, disappointments, sadness and death are all a part of the plot. So here it is, my article about character deaths. Oh Will Traynor, I still miss you!