Friday, 3 February 2017

Update: I Will Review, I Will Vlog

It's another Friday night and whilst I would have liked to find more time for writing and trying out new ideas, I did manage to keep up with research and planning this week. However I have not yet had the time to write it all down or (drum roll for my latest surprise to followers) to vlog about the interesting and informative topics I've been getting to know about for the very purpose of sharing with you all.
I must admit I had not touched a film-making program since around 2005 so I'm feeling like a newbie about this whole project. Also, whilst one of my childhood dreams was to become an actress, I am pretty camera-shy and the only film clips I ever did before were music clips which never featured me at all except for a photo taken by a very talented photographer. This time round, I'm hoping to actually appear in my clips though I am very nervous about it.
On to another film-related topic, I am planning another book versus film review about a little-known but fantastically written and acted British story set in England. This is a case where the film and book are almost identical, a fascinating feat and yet one that might have hindered the film's potential in my opinion. But more of that when I publish the post about it. I leave you now to a good weekend. Keep tuned, for my next post.

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