Friday, 10 February 2017

In the Pipeline...

I have lost count of how many times I got to the day I schedule for a blog post with no post in mind and this week is just the same. It's been another hectic one and I'm running behind schedule on so many things that just thinking about it has me in panic mode. However I made a tiny bit of headway in practicing on iMovie, learning to record my voice and how to add it to my filmed/photographed items as well as even decluttering because my first vlog post is going to actually be about that.

I figured that as I don't have time to learn through tutorials or make clips just for the sake of experimenting and still keep up with updating this blog and my column on, I would rather start off with a vlog post that I will actually use on here at the end of it. So though I can't make promises due to my very erratic current life situation - we are refurbishing our home whilst living in it (bad idea might I add) as well as some other things that have come up - I do intend to get my first video post published soon. I'm sure it will look and sound amateur (just like the amateur I am in the field) but at least it should fit in well with my intentions of focusing all the vlog posts on Minimalism and Waste Reduction, at least for now.

I wish I had something more to say for today but all I can say is I am working on a book review about a heroine we all know (can't divulge more than that yet so keep tuned) and reading through An Awfully Big Adventure which is the book I was referring to last time when I said I will be doing another book versus film feature on here soon. Add to that, I have an artist feature lined up for whenever I manage to find time for the interview and also a products review type of post in the pipeline. I must be off now but I hope the things I have lined up are interesting enough to have you coming back to read (and view) them. Good weekend to you all.

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