Friday, 18 March 2016

The 'I love' Series - Bread Bin

My post of today is the first in a new series I am planning about possessions. Wow, a Minimalist wasting valuable writing time on possessions, you might say? But this will be more than just a list. In each entry I will focus on one item that I treasure and say why I love it so much. Believe me, there aren't many of those, which makes them even more special!

My first, a definite favourite functional item which resides in our kitchen, is a bread bin. I love its vintage style and that it's made of tin just like they used to be and it also brings back memories of our family trip to London in November 2013, which is when and where I bought it. However, as this is first and foremost an item meant to do work rather than just sit pretty, I have to mention that it is so very good at keeping our bread and biscuits fresh unlike some modern varieties. We used to have a silver and transparent plastic kind when we first had our kitchen done and apart from matching all the appliances it did not fulfil its job properly, so much so that when it broke I opted to stay without. Till I realized I do want a bread container of sorts that is not a cupboard, keeps food fresh and is not the fridge, which was a common suggestion here where I live (probably because of the hot summers). So I decided to combine form and function by getting a pretty-looking reproduction piece. I first saw one on the Next online catalogue but when I went to the shop they had only one left with a drawer that was already askew, which didn't suggest a hardy item to me. So I left it on the shop shelf and was rewarded for my sacrifice when my husband stumbled upon this one that's in the photo while we were at Morrisons, which we took home:

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