Saturday, 26 March 2016

Motherhood... and Post Natal Depression

A positive pregnancy test is regarded by some as a Godsend, yet by others as a nightmare they never expected to face. The reactions are usually based on one's plans and whether children are on the short-term plan list. However, regardless of that initial reaction and the months following this revelation and up to the birth, what happens after the birth is a totally different story. The majority of mothers appear to be on cloud nine, despite the lack of sleep and the extra loads of laundry, for a new child often brings joy even to those that were not expecting it. However, a very cruel trick that hormones sometime play on the mother's mind happens regardless of whether the baby was actually planned or even desired. I am talking about Post Natal Depression, that ugly state of being that rears its head when least expected and is unfortunately the catalyst of horrible consequences, including marriage breakups and even in extreme cases, suicide.

It is a condition we try to avoid talking about, and mothers who have been through it oftentimes refuse to acknowledge it to the rest of the world. It is time we spread some awareness about this topic if we are to save lives and families from the devastation it can bring about. Here is an article of mine which was published this week that relates to the subject. Feel free to share it but always by linking back to the original article and never reproduced in any other form.

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