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Eddie Redmayne Films and Series

All bets were on Leonardo DiCaprio rather than Eddie Redmayne in the run-up to this year's Oscars and it was no surprise that Leo won. Still, The Danish Girl will forever be considered another masterpiece for the Londoner, who played both Einar Wegener and Lili Elbe in the film. Redmayne made his Lili as pretty and plausible as his Einar is handsome and confused, no mean feat for an actor to carry out. This is probably the main reason why I still am a little disappointed that he lost this year's Oscar and the chance of back-to-back wins after last year's achievement. He won the golden statue Oscar last year for his interpretation of Professor Stephen Hawking in The Theory of Everything.

However my post of today will veer off the Oscars and Redmayne's latest film in order to recap some of his filmography, which goes further back than his fame. This list is by no means exhaustive but gives one a list of films and series to watch for yet another glimpse of the green-eyed British heart-throb.

Les Misérables - cast as the lead love interest in Tom Hooper's musical film, he showed us that not only can he act, but he can also sing well. His melodious voice was such a treat it made even the purposely drab and sad 'Empty Chairs at Empty Tables' scene worth watching and re-watching.

My Week with Marilyn - from what I can gather, this is the first film part to have gained him the attention of the media. In it he plays the smitten Colin Clark, who gets to 'work' (and also play) with his idol Marilyn Monroe.

The Other Boleyn Girl - It doesn't get much better than working with beautiful girls Scarlett Johansson and Natalie Portman. Eddie manages to convey his feelings for Johansson's character Mary from the first even in the subtlest of ways as demanded of his character in the particular situation and whilst his is a small part, it is also important to the resolution of the story.

Savage Grace - It might be this film that earned him friends status with Julianne Moore. In it he plays her son Antony, who is more tormented due to her outrages outbursts, their illicit companionship and the way her character lives her life than truly because he was queer to start with. I felt more pity than anything else at the ending to this tragedy, which is based on a real murder case.

The Pillars of the Earth - with the beautiful Hayley Atwell as his love interest Aliena, Eddie's character Jack has us always wondering what will come next and rooting for him over Alfred, his step-brother. This is a series based on the book by Ken Follett and figures many more characters and bloody battles rather than just focusing on the love story. However Jack is one of the keys to the story.

From http://lesfutilitesdemellec.hautetfort.com/tag/eddie+redmayne
Tess of the D'Urbervilles - In this TV mini-series, his is the first onscreen interpretation that ever helped me understand the humanity of a character when I'd already read the book of the same story. Truly a case where the actor was better than the original author at showing who Angel Clare really was and why Tess could actually have been and remained in love with him throughout.

Jupiter Ascending - for which he won his first Razzie for Worst Supporting Actor! Even a seasoned actor such as Eddie found it tough to play a nefarious villain when he is such a sweet boy in real life. However, kudos for trying and I must say, I did come across one wild but convincing review that seemed think that Eddie was his best as super villain Balem Abrasax and here it is: http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2016/02/26/give-eddie-redmayne-all-the-awards-for-jupiter-ascending.html

From http://lesfutilitesdemellec.hautetfort.com/tag/eddie+redmayne
Birdsong - in this two-part mini-series, whilst not as his best character ever, Eddie manages to convey the differences between a pre-war young toff and a war-scarred survivor. Many fans love Birdsong for the passion between the two main characters Stephen and Isabelle but I personally find their love quite superficial and implausible in the circumstances. Then again, the author always knows best what his characters are capable of.

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