Sunday, 31 January 2016

London is more than just for shopping and history... it's the place to enjoy a filming pilgrimage

I am currently laid up at home recovering from an operation to my knee which seems up to now, thank God, to have been a success. However it will still mean hours upon hours of boredom else film-viewing seeing as I am confined to sitting with my legs up on the sofa all day long. So I have decided to make the best of a difficult situation and will be brushing up on my reading skills as well as examining as many films as I can and will ultimately bring said masterpieces to the attention of you readers here and on too through reviews.

In the meantime till I actually have written down any of the reviews that are swirling around in my head waiting to be expressed in some form, I give you the links to a series of articles I tackled last year for online magazine EVE, and which are still as valid today as back when they were written. I present to you, in fact, your guide to a London film pilgrimage:

Sunday, 24 January 2016

Passion-Induced Living... Only in our dreams!

The days, and weeks really, are just passing me by without letting me breathe. Every time I think I might get a chance at settling back into the usual routine something comes up or goes wrong, always something beyond my control and which I can't even opt to say 'No' to. Unlike many people, I am quite good at saying 'No' but that is not always possible.

Thankfully turning Minimalist means I now at least need to panic less about the state of our home as it is naturally more tidy, even at its untidiest, and easier to clean too for having less clutter on shelving and all over the place. Not that I was a hoarder or anything mind, I've embraced the Simple Life for around three years before now turning totally to Minimalist-mode.

However, clean home or not, my mind does need a rest it doesn't seem to be able to get. Whoever said we should follow our passions and everything will turn out alright must have been born into royalty or an equally rich family! Of course I would like to follow my passions only, not get up at dawn (or actually pre-dawn) to get to work, saying goodbye to my child at an hour when the air outside is actually too humid to breathe in without consequences. That might actually be one of the reasons I am now nursing a sick child.

If I could live the way I want, I'd also choose for my son to have less homework to do after school. Come on, why not let a five-year-old play rather than pile on the work already?! And why should the weekend be a sign for teachers to give even more homework for kids to do? Surely children actually LEARN MORE through imaginative play, through sitting quietly and noticing all that's around them, through having time to go to the playground? Instead the school-years mean that mother (or father) and son (or daughter) must marathon through the days trying to not fail getting it all done as my oh my, writing one less page of the letter 'P' will actually make children less intelligent!

I understand that repetition is good for learning, yes, but there is a limit to how beneficial it remains when it becomes a race against time, with no notice being taken to what actually is being written. Writing the same thing for a number of pages numbs the mind unlike if the same time were possibly used to watch a cartoons in a foreign language, say, and therefore learning something new. My son has a better command of English than of our native tongue, simply through using it/listening to it every day. So would it not be better to allow children the time to actually talk to the people around them than to have them act like robots going through the never-ending functions of writing down and drawing and circling different letters over and over? (One tip here - the idea of using Maltese Phonics and then trying to teach also English with different-sounding phonics but written with the same letters is JUST NOT WORKING!) It is only mixing children up.

I end my note here as I am running well-behind on my list of 'Must-Dos' for today but ultimately I think all of the above rant was actually my way of saying we all of us need to be allowed to slow down and enjoy life and no, it is not actually within our control just what to do with our time - be we five or fifty - work and school have taken over our lives more than we should allow them to and yet we are powerless to live otherwise as school methods are the same throughout the country and the work pay to prices ratio is only really preferential to a few.

Friday, 15 January 2016

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Happy Birthday Eddie Redmayne!

International heartthrob and Oscar winner Eddie Redmayne today turns 34. The soon-to-be dad is easily one of modern films' biggest and most talented actors and this past year has shown that Awards Season could have been invented simply to keep up with the achievements he deserves in the field. Therefore a heartfelt Happy Birthday to dear Eddie, known to his fans as the most accessible star and the one with the biggest smile.

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Here's a link to an article I had dedicated to Eddie... one of the personalities that has me always more amazed: