Friday, 27 November 2015

The downside to following Minimalist rules

I spoke last time of how I intend to practice Minimalism once again but unfortunately it's been a very hectic time of trying to catch up with a lot of things and I'm running behind on deadlines without adding a new concept to my life right now! Meanwhile however, I have still been giving it some thought and I must say some Minimalist practices can cause nuisances at times!

Take, for example, the fact that a Minimalist will only keep what they feel they need or love. Using these two key words I went through my bookcase more than once, removing anything that I did not have a special liking to or intended to read/reread. Among these books was a classic that I'd studied for my English 'A' level and which was a paperback issue with a badly creased spine and dogged pages full of notes in pencil, the result of countless hours of reading and studying. At the time, I felt compelled by the Minimalist rules to get rid of the book as I had no intention of ever rereading it, given just how thoroughly I'd been through it over and over. Alas, I now found myself needing a reread as I intend to write a piece related to it and would rather ensure that I have every minute detail accurate! Not only did it mean a trip to the library, but one that only served to send me on to another library as the one in my village doesn't carry the title after all. Getting to the library in the next town is proving quite difficult, in between their weird and short opening hours coupled with my work hours as well as that this particular library can be found at the top of a staircase, which I currently cannot easily go up due to a knee cartilage problem that is proving to limit me in whatever I am trying to do!

Another Minimalist practice I embraced back when I tried the simple life before was that of reducing my Facebook friends list to only those people who I still somehow interact with in real life. Now that I am a writer and use Facebook to promote my writing, my image as well as the magazine I work for, I chid myself every day for having simplified my friends list!

On the other hand, there are perks to being a Minimalist too. But that is something I'll have to go into another time, as I really need to get the proof reading of an upcoming article done tonight.

Monday, 16 November 2015

Giving Minimalism another try

As I've mentioned on this blog at other times, I gave Minimalism a try a few years ago when I hit a very bad time in my life. You know how at times you need that drastic change to feel like you're trying to get out of whatever bad spot (or at times unfortunately much worse than a bad spot) you might find yourself in. Minimalism offered me just that and decluttering my life from physical clutter gave me an energy I needed in my soul, if that makes any sense at all.

Now although I am not going through another crisis I am still quite tempted at giving Minimalism a second chance because truth be told, I did slacken off quite a bit and opted for a Simple life instead for the couple of years since.

So as from now, I'll be adding a new label to my blog where I will be recounting what works for me and what doesn't when it comes to Minimalism. I'm sure to struggle in some areas, whilst excelling at some others. I have already tried the KonMari method on my clothing items with success though I did fail to control the other areas of my life with this method which is quite extreme and requires the right mindset which I didn't (and maybe still don't) have.

I am off for now as my life is currently cluttered not only in the literal sense but also commitment-wise. I cannot ever slacken on certain duties and most of my life is set around duties related to family and work that I could not shake off. However I do hope that Minimalism might give me a freer and less busy life through other things it will make me change.

Monday, 9 November 2015

More upcoming films worth a mention

Following my link last time to the Part 1 of an article about upcoming films to watch at the cinema, here is the second part, published last week:

Friday, 6 November 2015

Remembering one of the best of friends

Today marks three years since the funeral of a very dear friend of mine. It is not only tragic to die young, but also quite unfair on my dear friend too, who I am sure had much left to live for and, knowing him, plans for each day of what he must have thought was a much longer life ahead. He died at just 27 years of age. Here is an old entry I had written about facing what was one of the biggest shocks of my life.

Monday, 2 November 2015

2nd November 2009 - The MP who saved us both

I have to admit that after writing this post I was torn about whether to actually publish it or not, the reason being that this is personal and you know how I don't like doing personal. However I then reasoned that as I am a writer, and pride myself on the fact that through being a writer I can voice my opinion about matters of importance that should be tackled so that more people become aware of them, I couldn't leave this entry unpublished.

On the 23rd October of six years ago, which was also as this year a Friday, I was taken ill. I was then 14 weeks pregnant. Throughout the whole of ten days, most of which I spent in the hospital, my fever never let up and I could keep neither food nor water down. Meanwhile I was coughing so bad, night and day, that I could never lie down and sleep. And all this while, despite almost daily blood tests being carried out with no conclusive diagnosis and penicillin being pumped into my body intravenously, my health started deteriorating. Breathing became a struggle and I was scared to look in the mirror for the face that looked back was almost skeletal.

On the 2nd of November 2009, thankfully, a very talented doctor took me under his care. I am not being overly dramatic when I say he saved both my life and that of my unborn son. Slowly, now in a different hospital under one dedicated doctor and with a staff truly worthy of praise, I was given the right meds for what had originally been a mere chest infection left undiagnosed and untreated. My fever went down and I started keeping food down again. I started the long road to full recovery and soon my son was kicking away again, assuring me he was feeling much his old self.

I was a long time getting better and even once I got back to work, I spent the rest of my pregnancy practically locked inside the house outside of work hours, fearing that another encounter with someone who was coughing or sneezing might send me back into the hospital whilst my immune system was still down.

Why am I going on about this? Unfortunately one of my bad traits is that I do not find it simple to let things go. I wouldn't say I'm someone who remembers everything, far from it! And yet when I do remember something, it's so accurately embedded in my brain that I can actually go back in time and relive emotions, meet my own previous self, look at it all over again in detail, just as though I was seeing it all in my mind's eye.

And one thing I will never stop saying about this whole episode in my life, is that it was that one caring and brilliant doctor who saved me and my son. I will not be mentioning any names, even though this is praise towards a doctor worthy of it, but I doubt it is ethical to mention someone who is not aware of the reference. However one thing I must say, and it's what I've been trying to get at all throughout this descriptive post, is that this doctor is also a local well-known political figure. Much like anyone else in the public eye, his name is mentioned often in both good things and bad, but one thing that pains me always is to hear of him being dissed for putting his patients before his political career.

I am not actually even bothered with politics, in fact I am a floater who thinks with her mind and not her heart when it comes to the polls. So being safely out of reach of politics' tight grip on most Maltese hearts, I am at liberty to say that regardless of what party I vote for from one time to the next, this doctor will always be a hero to me. It is a real pity that people will shame political figures who actually have a more important part to play in their lives than to just sit in on parliament. A doctor is a doctor first and foremost and I can from experience say, this one was of much more value saving a patient than sitting in on yet another inconclusive dispute. Thank you dear doctor, you know who you are.