Thursday, 30 April 2015

Massive Mess (Or A Mountain of it that's really a Molehill)

I'm seeing a massive mess all around me lately in the home but as I confess in the title, it's probably just that I'm blowing everything out of proportion.

However I do realise that quite a bit of clutter has wormed its way into our storage spaces since the big clean-out I carried out around three years ago when I opted to try Minimalism. Needless to say given my admittance to clutter, I had ultimately decided that Minimalism wasn't for me after all. However I have to say at the time I needed to give it a go, most especially because I was going through a tough time in life and somehow cleansing my physical possessions did provide relief and calm of a kind.

And now it's time to go through each nook and cranny all over again, having to be brutally honest with myself about every item if I'm going to bring some kind of order into our drawers and cupboards. Meanwhile I know already that the wardrobe in the main bedroom, despite groaning under the weight of all the things we stuff inside it, will not be getting a cleansing as it is the one place in the home where I'm always up to date with removing unusable (or just unused) stuff.

And with this advent of clearing out, I am starting two new labels for this blog: Home and Organization, as I plan on updating here with anything that is either worth a mention else too funny not to mention about these two topics.

Let's hope that having promised updates to my readers makes me keep up with the decluttering, if only because I like to keep my word when the promises I make are to someone rather than myself!

Friday, 24 April 2015

Photos and All

It's going to be not only long, but also about unrelated subjects this time, simply because otherwise I could never write enough posts to cover it all in a timely manner, seeing as there are so many other things I want to be talking about next time already. I'll keep it simple with titles:

Item for the Home
I bought loads of clothes on my trip to England, a whole mix of things from both brand-name shops (which include a gorgeous smartish dress for the summer) and less-expensive stuff from Maltese favourites Matalan and Primark (yes I do wear Primark, there's no shame in that is there?) However I only got one pretty heavy (especially considering its size) item for the home. It is the beautiful old-world frame that you can see here.

The Start of a New Book

I'm done with my library book (yes I had only the one as I know it takes me ages to read through a book with my busy schedule) so I have now selected one from my own shelf. I got it a year ago for my birthday but never got around to reading it, partly through wanting to 'save it', if you know what I mean. It's the third (and final) instalment of the Bridget Jones saga, called 'Mad about the Boy'. I am only at the very beginning and already being reminded just how wonderfully Helen Fielding knows how to bring her characters to life. And poor Bridget is still clumsily struggling with everything in life it seems.

Cheshire, Beautiful Cheshire (and a surprise)

I'd thought London was the perfect place for me but boy, if London's it for me as a writer, then Cheshire County is where's the perfect place for a family to be living! I make no secret of how much I'd love to move to England for good, though I will not go as far as to say it will definitely be happening. However I have over the past year learnt that the most important thing is to never let go of your dreams, whatever they are, and strive to make them come true, so I'll keep working on that one ;-)

I will soon move on to pictures from our holiday but first wanted to say whilst in Cheshire I had the opportunity of finally meeting my pen-friend of six years which I enjoyed immensely. I feel if we lived close we'd meet up quite a bit as I thought we were very similar in character and interests. Meanwhile something extraordinary happened during our meeting: we decided to go for a coffee (or tea really for me) and in passing a Caffe Nero she mentioned it was one Hugh Grant had visited - the man who is my idol and my hero. So obviously I couldn't pass by the chance of agreeing with her that it was a good place to get our coffee/tea. But hero-worship aside, here are some pics, starting with one of Lytham, which is my fave and taken at the place where I met my friend:

Then it's Manchester and a pic from Trafford Centre
And lastly Liverpool
There are many more photos to be showing you but that would turn this into an interminable entry. So I'll leave you with these ones taken in the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester, which show my character very well!!

Saturday, 18 April 2015

It's My Birthday And I'll...

Today I turned thirty one and I think it's time I stopped revealing my age as of next birthday. If I were to talk about my day there would not be anything much interesting to say. But if I were to split it up into tiny bits of info than I could make it worth your while. My initial thought was to name this piece something like 'The offending shoes and other short stories' because it is a series of short stories in my mind.

Let's start from the beginning, which would be around 1:30am this morning:

Late late late going to bed as usual. Thing is, I started watching the final episode of Downton Abbey season five in the early afternoon of yesterday and not having finished it for having to pick up my son from school, I sat down in the evening to continue the last remaining half hour of what was a longer than normal episode. Now if I'd seen all of it in the afternoon, I'd probably have spent the evening watching a feature film. As it was, I finished the episode and couldn't resist watching the Season Finale right afterwards.

In order not to feel guilty about the lots of film watching, I diligently folded up all the laundry I'd got off the line and as soon as I was finished watching the Finale I went to work putting all the clothes in their rightful place. At which point I found a giant roach in my son's room. Now for those that know me, I am terrified of the little things, I usually run for my life when I see one. But as my husband was out and there was no one to turn to for help, I plucked up the courage to fetch the spray can and kill the roach by emptying half the can on it. There was no way I was chancing it, I kept spraying it till it couldn't move any more.


I lazed about a little today, not even touching the article I am currently working on (shame on me) and doing practically nothing for an hour or two. Then I took my son to the playground (and he insisted on the one further from our house but good thing I was meant to meet one of my closest friends there a little later anyway). Which gets me to the fright of the day: All I did was put my things on the bench closest to where the little boy was playing and writing one message on my mobile phone. I looked up and he was gone! I frantically searched around till I found he'd gone to one of the other play areas. He got a telling off for not telling me he was going off and it was then uneventful until my friend showed up (unless you count the static that made his hair go all spiky when he came down the slide, which was really cool).

By Mid-day:

I was sat with my son and my friend at a caffe/restaurant having a good time chatting (till my son started throwing things all over the place and crawling under our table and going around sliding on the ground of the outdoor part of the place).


Was almost as lazy as the morning (boy I should have shaken myself) but I did get quite a bit of online chatting done, mostly discussing the meaning of true loyal fan with two women off an Eddie Redmayne fan page (no, he is not my preferred actor as any follower of this blog knows but we were discussing 'fanhood' - does that qualify as a word?) in general. I also cooked for my son and took care of whatever he needed in general.

Late Afternoon: Late for the bus, as always :-S I got to the Capital City late to meet my mum, then we went together with my little boy to McDonald's. Met someone on the way there, quite unexpectedly but in a good way. Sorry I was tongue-tied if maybe you're reading this, hehe!

And that would be all I have to relate, were it not for one very feminine problem that managed to make my last little while outside a misery... SHOES!!! I bought this pair I really loved and had worn them at least three other times so why on earth did they hurt me so?! The back of them rubbed my skin raw and then I started walking funny with them on so that even my toes started to hurt! Here's a pic of the offending shoes:

Which brings me to getting back home limping very badly and complaining all the time. And then it was my child's bedtime (or rather much later than bedtime today!) and finally here I am, recounting it all.

This was a spur of the moment entry and I know I am still to mention my Cheshire holiday as well as providing some pics so stay tuned, till next time.

Thursday, 16 April 2015

My Guilty Pleasure

As I'm running behind with linking new articles that get published on EVE and that I am still working on my next post, here's one that's a little personal... I present to you, my guilty pleasure:

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Paperback Ideas

I wrote this around 48 hours ago on a plane ride home from England but only now found time to copy it onto my blog and upload it. Meanwhile in truth I have now finished the book in question.

I'm just back from a holiday to beautiful Cheshire County in England (which included also a visit to nearby Wales). Although I will eventually write about some cool stuff and scenery I encountered (as well as the multitude of clothing items I bought and brought back with me!) I am today tackling something other than the holiday. The only bearing this entry has on the holiday is that the idea itself for the entry occurred to me on the last day, just hours before we vacated the room that was our home for eleven days.

At the last second as I packed for the trip, I impulsively put a paperback I'd just bought into the hand luggage. It was a murder mystery, one by Deborah Crombie, who has a habit of making trips into her victims' past which are somehow intertwined into the story and more particularly the motive for murder. Now whodunnits are among my favourite types of novels, since I love the way the author spins the story so that the pieces that make up the puzzle slowly come together till that final reckoning between police/hero/good-person and the found-out killer. And as I read through the chapters, from the very first, I tried to pick up possible clues from the subtlest of references and made up my mind as to who I thought the likely killer out of the suspects. Then as more information emerged I kept changing my mind about who and why could have carried out the murder, as well as how. Which made me realize just how fantastic it is that as I always read more and more and kept thinking I might have made a wrong turn in my reasoning over and over, I had in my mind spun even more original stories myself, stories that would never see print for having been spun out of a beginning that was not mine to begin with, featuring characters that my mind had 'copied' off someone else's.

I am still to finish the book, as I sit here over two hours into the Ryanair flight home, diligently starting on this blog post as a way of re-entering into my routine and the world I'd seemingly left behind me as I embraced the Cheshire landscape of beautiful houses with gabled slanting roofs and lovely red brick for a fantasy week and a half. So I cannot be entirely sure as to how the story is going to wrap up. However I am certain that even if one of the scenarios I imagined proves true, I have come up with other possible solutions to the puzzle that is a mystery story - many ideas that will go unheaded. Or maybe not? For there are a zillion overlapping imaginative paintings in an author's mind and the more ideas form themselves and blend into one another, the more new ones seem to be born. For lack of a better way of putting it I think what I'm trying to say here is, it is always about characterization and how people, even the ones that exist only on paper or in the mind, live, act and react to what is and happens around them.

Sunday, 5 April 2015

The Golden Boy Next Door - A Feature Article

Yes I am still taking a break but that does not mean I will leave you with nothing to read should you pop over to my blog so here's a link to a feature article of mine that's on EVE but which I had not yet linked on here... I present to you, the amazing actor (and gorgeous one to boot) Eddie Redmayne:

Friday, 3 April 2015

Please excuse my absence

Just a short note to say I am taking a short holiday from work, including writing to deadlines, to spend quality time with my family. It will be around two weeks before I'm back to blogging.