Sunday, 26 October 2014

Everything Has A Price (even moving furniture you've bought already!)

So yesterday I finally got my small wish of changing round the furniture in my little office area at home. Now how hard could that be, you may ask. Actually moving the furniture around was not a big deal (well, I didn't even move it myself so how could I consider it hard?) But only when you need to empty a seemingly small piece of furniture do you realise just exactly how much you were storing in it!

My husband agreed to moving it all around and setting up everything to do with the printer, speakers etc all over again but he had one request. I was to do all the emptying so that he could do it all at one go, knowing too well he would otherwise be waiting around for me as I picked each item, trying to decide where it should go.

So I set about whilst he was still asleep following a nighttime DJing session so that by the time he woke up the cupboards and shelves were all bare (well apart from an antique statue and a set of framed film cells there was no way I would be getting out before the last second, being so over-protective of them). Whilst a temporary desk in the dining room was piled high with books, storage boxes, tablecloths and sofa throws, all of which resided permanently in said furniture, our dining table was piled high with files. The tv unit held a precarious tower of more office-related items and the new coffee table struggled under four more piles. A sturdy packing box suffered under the weight of all the frames and nicknacks I'd also removed.

At which point the miserable task started of cleaning under where the furniture had been. As you might guess, cleaning beneath furniture that is too big to move during the weekly cleaning ritual is a little yucky. And, for me, also very itchy! Being a sufferer of allergies I'm sent into a panic of hand-scrubbing at every little task that involves me handling anything dusty (now don't get the wrong impression, I dust often enough!).

So whilst little things send me to the sink multiple times, doing any dusty project this big obviously sends me into the shower for disinfestation, hair and all. Only, I didn't bargain for the fact that this was an even bigger task than the usual ones, like sweeping the front yard of a home that is 1) in a country where dust particles are all over the place and 2) there always seems to be one neighbour or another who's doing up the house... on an island that uses the soft and quickly eroding limestone for building, which in itself sends my friends the dust particles up into the air all too easily.

So now, ladies and gentlemen, not only am I having sneezing fits and talking through my nose, but I also have what seems to be an allergic eye infection. Which is why I now leave you as my vision blurs over and the tears start again of their own accord.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Just An Update

I sit and stare at this page today, knowing the articles I have worked on lately are awaiting the possible approval of a professional magazine editor and should he like my pitch it would not do to have uploaded them here already.

So instead I turn to relating the latest from my little world. As I mentioned in my last entry, my son got ill again. A week on he is still sick and away from school for yet another week it seems, as per the doctor's advice. And whilst I am hoping and praying this time I don't catch whatever he has, I have been suffering from... horror of horrors... tooth pain! Seems like not only did I have a bad wisdom tooth but it also broke into lots of pieces so that a visit to the dentist was not enough to get it all out, meaning that dental surgery now awaits me :-(

Since I have made a new rule for myself that I will not only see and mention the bad things in life without also seeing the good, I must mention yesterday's meeting with a dear friend at my house. The film club idea might have flown off into the future when I'll hopefully have not only a car but also an older and therefore more understanding and obedient son but that does not stop me chatting with my friend about anything and everything to do with films and books. So despite my toothache, I had tons of fun discussing 'About A Boy' (book versus film), 'Four Weddings and a Funeral' and 'About Time' among others. We also touched on the topic of 'the villain', which to me is much more intriguing than the hero in films!

I must off now to check on my son (playing camping with a tent in his room) hoping by my next entry the toothache will be gone (or lesser in intensity at least)!

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Me Being Blue... Or Not?

Blue is my favourite colour but this is nothing to do with it. I am talking about feeling blue. I spoke last time of being ill practically throughout a whole month and wondered why that happened. Well, why on earth I blamed it on being an after-effect of unhappiness beats me as two out of three times it was because my son was ill and diligently caring for your sick child does result in contagion. And now he's ill again. So not only did I cancel my September appointment for a hair dye and a play date between my son and his second cousins (which would also have been an excuse to meet up with my own cousin), it seems like we're going to do this all over again! My Wednesday appointment at the hairdresser is not only long overdue (ask my white hairs) but I'm also having to cancel it again (and get more white hairs from the frustration of doing so). I also begrudgingly postponed this morning's invitation to one of my few friends for coffee over at my house. An idea to form a film club was nipped in the bud when I reasoned there was no easy way I could manage it with a demanding hyper child tagging along and no car to drive to wherever it was happening and this meeting was the next best thing. Which is why it now had to be postponed, just to make me that little bit madder at the whole setup that's my current life.

But there's always a good side to life, is there not? (Ok sometimes it's not so much a 'good side' as a 'not bad' side but in this case definitely a good side.) I am talking about my collection. Now I am not a very materially-oriented woman (in fact I'd say I am an under buyer as a rule, even when it comes to clothes and shoes) but when it comes to the few material things I buy, I love them with a passion. So I will today be using my collection as a source of happiness... I will go through all the film titles searching for the one to watch tonight (if my son manages to get a good night sleep) and maybe have some minutes to continue reading the biography that is a part of my related books collection, which book turned out surprisingly enough to be more of a source of information about the films I own or which are on my list of 'to buys' than really interesting as a biography (because of it not being well-written or very informative and is badly edited I mean).

And with these thoughts I leave you so that I may attend to a more pressing issue that is eating whilst I can, with my today very clingy son peacefully asleep for a bit due to the flu and the drowsy effect of Neurofen. So goodbye till next time.

Saturday, 4 October 2014

On Two Unrelated Things

Here I am once again ready to write and upload my entry. Now sometimes I upload articles which I would have spent ages writing and rewriting and editing, then uploading them in the hope that they prove interesting enough to attract a following. Other times, like today, I just sit down and write an entry to upload there and then. I know only that I intend on talking about two totally u related topics which have come up in my life this week.

The first is 'The Happiness Project', by Gretchen Rubin. It is a book I had read before but with being ill the whole of September, I thought it was time to revisit it in the hope of bettering my situation. Because I have been feeling less happy than unhappy lately and I thought that was either a direct consequence of being ill, else I was so constantly ill because I was so down to start with. Either way, when I trudged to the doctor's waiting room for the umpteenth time last month (ironically the very last day of the month), I picked it off my bookshelf and spent the long tedious wait reading. I thought I remembered it all still, especially as I try as much as possible to practice all my findings from this book. However it seems it was time for a refresher because it gave me the much-needed boost not only to accept myself as I am all over again but also made me itch to take up my own happiness resolutions again. All in all, my life is better for reading Rubin's book (and also her other book 'Happier at Home') and I have to admit that although it alone could have never relieved me of the depression that settled upon me with motherhood (and lasted for a horribly long three and a half years) it nonetheless helped a lot... It was the self-help book I needed. It taught me those stupid little things that are so obvious and yet go unnoticed like that you can change no one but yourself. Funnily enough, the knowledge of these little things as well as the boost the book gives you to start working on those areas in life you feel need attention make me happier in themselves. Which does not mean, however, that I will leave it at that. Once again I will strive to note those things that would make me happier if I changed them, learn to accept those things that can't be changed, and focus every day on doing that which makes me the happier in the long term. One example I can mention is that only a couple of days after I started re-reading this book, I was toying with the idea of whether or not to go shopping for a pair of much-needed sturdy comfy boots for the winter. I so didn't feel like trudging off to the shops on the first day that my son was back in school and I could relax at home. But I knew that that was the one day I was sure not to have any other commitments to see to. So I reasoned that getting it over with would make me happier in the long term than choosing to stay home, only to find a couple weeks later that I was I still boots-less when it started to rain cats and dogs. I am so happy to have got that over with that very same day, the relief of crossing an errand off my to-do list is twofold... satisfaction and a happiness booster.

Now on to the other topic up for today's post. I have yesterday seen 'Sirens' 1994 for a first time. It is impressively directed by John Duigan and filmed in Australia. For those of you wondering, yes... This is another Hugh Grant film and I think I could class this as one of the best when it comes to his acting. In fact, it is a pity that this film premiered at the same time as Four Wedding and A Funeral and so got totally ignored in the frenzy surrounding Curtis' romantic comedy which made it big for both its creator (Curtis) as well as Hugh Grant.

This is one of those films I researched extensively before deciding it was worth buying. Many reviews mentioned the nudity and the sexual content of the film but did little justice to the story. However I did stumble on one commentary that mentioned a witty interpretation and a plot-of-sorts, despite the general impression that this one was all about coming to terms with the erotic side to humanity. Now I could not very well say this is a PG film that I would ever allow a child to watch but neither is it intent in its pursuit of the steamy scenes at the expense of the story. In fact I have to admit that the lewd conduct of most of the characters (and here an aside to make it clear that Hugh Grant is excluded from my comment as he is not in any nude scene and I believe he never signs on to any such contracts) is in keeping with the storyline and important to it in fact. So despite the fact that I personally look back more fondly on the scene with the koala briefly making an appearance and the more eye-appealing scenes with Hugh's character Father Anthony Campion constantly in some conversation or other, I have to admit that were the actors (and actresses more to the point) fully clothed then the story might not have worked.

This is not a film for the mind to linger on after the credits come up but I am however still trying to figure out my own version of one disturbing phrase uttered by Father Campion. When his wife, full of guilt, wants a heart to heart to absolve herself from her transgressions, he is quick to tell her it would be best not to tell him anything of what she might have done as it is good to have some secrets. This seems to me very irrational though in view of Anthony's character development it very much makes sense in the context of the story. And in fact, for the couple in question, this does work out for a better relationship but I truly wonder, in the real world, would that honestly work.

I must off now as I am already breaking my resolution to go to sleep on time (meaning around tennish) but I leave you with my two cents' worth about Hugh's interpretation of the young prudish and full-of-himself Father Anthony 'Tony' Campion... I have never seen any other actor interpret a character in such a way that the shock, disbelief and worry of the character invoke in the viewer the amount of pity and comradeship that he does, even with a character that the viewer has already deemed unlikeable in his piety and snobbish behaviour.