Thursday, 10 July 2014

Nothing In Moderation

Only a few days ago I posted a status on Facebook that is as honest and truthful as I can get. I was expecting at least one comment from one of my best friends, who knows me well enough to know what I was referring to. But nothing, no comment, not a single 'like'. Geez, seems like people care more about jokes and the general banter that goes on when you post an inside joke. I get quite a few comments on such posts.

But back to my heartfelt status, it read exactly like this, "I do nothing in moderation." Which probably explains the why of today's post topic. I have, in fact, bought another two books. It is not a case of me being out of control with book-buying but with me coveting and yearning for always more stuff (not necessarily books, even DVDs etc) by certain authors/scriptwriters/actors/whatever else inspires me. And so I have added to my collection (this time unfortunately second-hand choices for money reasons) the following:

The book by Nick Hornby... one very thick paperback with both his most-famous stories inside (I say stories not novels because in an intro to the author they only refer to one of the two as such, I am still to understand what the other one could be called unless it is also a novel!) The two masterpieces in question are High Fidelity and Fever Pitch. Despite almost-hating his book How To Be Good I admit to loving About A Boy so much I am up for giving him another go.

My other purchase is a hardbound volume of Richard Curtis' three very famous scripts... Notting Hill, Four Weddings and a Funeral and Love Actually. Apparently the Love Actually script is the original one from before they started hacking pieces off in order to get it down to the 2 hour vision limit. This volume, to me a bible of its type, is aptly called Six Weddings and Two Funerals, adding up all the weddings and funerals in the scripts.

I would have very much liked to post pics of my new purchases but since I started using the IPad for blogging (due to a technical fault with my personal computer being related it seems more with my lack of luck with such systems than the particular machine) I have found that I upload photos only to find a blank box with a small X in the corner come up the next time I visit or anyone else loads my blog. So I leave you for today hoping this was an interesting and informative read.

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