Wednesday, 16 July 2014


I should really be asleep. So this will be a short one, about just how much I'm trying to stretch myself! As I explained in the last post, I seem to do nothing in moderation. Which is why when I do have a zest for life I have to go and try and catch up with a zillion things at once, making it virtually impossible to honestly 'catch up' properly on any of them. Which is probably why my blog doesn't get updated as much as it used to. Because I am trying to juggle writing a convincing novel with which I intend to amaze publishers enough to get a contract (I do not believe in self-publishing which is like saying you will always manage to get your story published, even if it does turn out to be rubbish and I want no rubbish but something a publishing house will be ready to go through the trouble for. I want perfection in fact.) whilst also trying to keep up with my small 'business' of making unique decorative votive candle holders, despite the fact that I panic wherever I have an order with a deadline. All this whilst trying to make an effort at keeping our home clean and tidy, or cleaner and tidier than it was turning out to be of late. Meanwhile I really must start on another project... The put-off-for-so-long Happiness Project from Gretchen Rubin's idea and book which I know would help me set down rules like 'Sleep enough' that I don't seem to comply with unless there are actually rules I need to be following. Whilst asking you to excuse me for the jumble of words, better referred to as train of thought I think, that is this entry, I leave you now to go to sleep, only 45 minutes later than my initial plan. Good night and take care to all.

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