Saturday, 21 June 2014

The Day I Grew Up

I was pretty young when I got married, though at the time I didn't really understand all the people who said that. In my mind I was all grown up and able to take care of myself (apart from the cooking part!)

Then four years later I got pregnant and a very nasty chest infection had me in the hospital pretty close to death (and I'm not just saying this to exagerate). I felt so small and lost and alone and it really was my mother more than anyone else I needed right then. I was the child rather than the mother myself. The chest infection thank God did disappear after way too much medication for an expecting mother, which was the lesser evil at that point.

Fast forward five months to the birth of my son, who turned out to be the most demanding, needy, screeching, sick (literally I mean), insomniac and cholicy baby you've ever seen. I tried my best and even accepted help and still, I felt so lost and small I finally admitted I was indeed way out of my league. I felt once again like the child I'd always wanted to leave behind.

I could never say my child brings me no joy, since it would be a great untruth, however he is still the most exhausting of children, troublesome, cheeky, disobedient and any other adjective that drives a mother up the wall. And after four years of that, I can now safely say that yes, I am the mother not the child. Everything within me has changed, and everything on the outside too. As I looked at the early photos with my son a few days ago, I noticed how childish I really did look, much like an older sister holding the baby brother. Now, instead, I actually have to hide the wrinkles beneath my eyes with makeup, my cheeks need a boost of rouge, and when I look at snaps from this past year I see an adult who finally strangers have started addressing as Missus rather than the previously irritating Miss.

Sunday, 15 June 2014

My Week

It's been over a week since I last wrote anything on here and am pleased to say this time round was because I was busy with life in a good way, though I did get ill again now :-(

So to recap all the lovely things that happened since I was last here, this week started off with a Monday evening short family outing which doesn't seem to happen too often given my husband's usually erratic working hours and a timetable that very often has us working to different time schedules. The outing also taught me something... Don't wear ballerinas to a longish walk!

Wednesday morning I was invited to my son's outing/presentation/party to close off the class' e-twinning project. He's only in Kinder 1 (and hasn't attended the last term due to his broken forearm) but the school teacher/admin team were sweet enough to present all the children with a graduation hat (the name for this eludes me) and a certificate for the participation in the etwinning project too.

Friday was a double bonus cool day with me buying some clothes (and cool to find I am taking smaller sizes and things fit better) as well as my sister-in-law's Hens' Night which was fun and relaxing and a much-needed girly break. We followed up the Girls' party with meeting up with the boys for drinks, again a welcome outing with my husband without a little kid tagging along.

That's all for now folks, am off to see to my very inventive son before he makes some mess or other. See you on here again soon.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

My two cents' worth... Music & Lyrics

There's music, there are lyrics, and a whole lot of eye candy. The reviews I'd read about the film were good, the actors two well-known and brilliant people. However I'd never thought I'd enjoy this film so much, partly because of my preconception that given the two very different off-screen real life characters of Mr Grant and Ms Barrymore, there might not be chemistry in the film. I was wrong... The chemistry spills over to the point of being contagious. By the end of it, I was feeling as dizzy about love as the happy-end-to-the-film onscreen couple.

Ok, so I admit it. I only went and bought this film as I cannot resist Hugh Grant. And whilst I would never refuse to watch any of his films, I can't say I had high expectations mostly because I love different kinds of films to this one. I could not genuinely state that the plot is deep, or that this is an artsy film or a very witty one at that. But it still makes you want to know what's next. It also rings some bells such as when Sophie Fisher insists she is not really like the fictitious counterpart in her ex-lover's book whilst Alex points out that the miserable side to this same fictitious character really does echo her faults... Isn't this kind of denial embedded in all of us about something or other?
I did find it a bit bizarre that this couple could go from strangers to lovers in the space of days but I do believe in love at first sight and come on, who would not fall in love with Hugh Grant after seeing him for a very first time? I know I did ;-)

So despite all my doubts before watching it, I now have to list this one with my favourite films and will be replaying it over and over in my house (good thing it's good for children to watch too).