Saturday, 31 May 2014

My Favourite Enigma

I have lately come across many online articles that aim either to shoot at or else sneer at my beloved favourite actor /inspiration /maybe even idol. Meanwhile YouTube is full of sickening videos from paparazzi as well as your everyday person, detailing his every move out of his house, even at times showing him asking that they leave him alone, which they disrespectfully don't.

My first reaction is to comment under the articles, defending the image I have of an overall good man who is witty and charismatic and human too, very often unfairly criticized, I should think, because of his hate for the media and thus the fact that all they can do is pay him back in insults for not having his version of things, else because they have something to lose from his HackedOff campaign.

And then I thought about using my blog to defend him and portray him in the picture I have of him myself, garnered from watching and rewatching all interviews with him that I manage to get my hands on from a whole twenty years of his fame. But then I thought otherwise. In the rare interview and comment he does give, he is very clear in his distaste of anything being written about him, even if with his own permission. And, he makes it a point to say that he does not google his name for the multitude of uneducated untruthful articles that Google would return to his search.

So why should I aggravate him myself by trying to piece together his image for all to read, which can only be after all a composition that is as biased (though in favour of his character) and as subjective as anyone else's? Which is why I will choose instead not to build up a vision of him on here, thought I obviously have my own perception of what he must really be like in real life, always a question mark as to how much of it would prove correct should we ever actually meet. Which admittedly would be one of my biggest life dreams come true. In the meantime I will watch and re-watch him on screen, in a multitude of characters and names as films require, whilst I secretly covet the idea that one reason I am so smitten by Hugh Grant is probably because of how enigmatic he seems to be.

Saturday, 24 May 2014

A Horror to Watch

It's not even a horror film and yet it's a horror to watch (or not watch, if it's so bad you end up falling asleep hallway through!)

Today's is a short list (in no particular order) of the worst films I ever had the misery of watching together with the reasons why:

The League of Gentlemen's Apocalypse (2005) - I could not exactly pinpoint where it went wrong, especially as it's been almost nine years since I watched it. Started interestingly enough but tended to try to be funny in not-so-funny ways and I would class it more as a kind of mock-horror film than comedy whilst IMDb classes it as Comedy and Horror (a first I should think?)

The Golden Compass (2007) - with such a fuss as was made about this film, including merchandise even, I would have expected a winner. Instead it seems to me like the scenes, whilst maybe taken from the book that the film was based on, were disjointed and to my writer's mind it seemed to have summarized the whole story too much, leaving out details maybe? Though this is pure guessing on my part as I have not read the book. Unfortunately nor would I like to, given the disappointment of watching this film. May I also wonder why the ending is no ending at all? It leaves the viewer hanging not in the way that a well-made film/book would (leaving it up to the audience to draw conclusions), but rather ending it all in the very middle of something... the search for the little girl's now apparently father rather than uncle, it ends in mid-air, both literally and figuratively. In an effort to cancel it from my 'horrors' list I rewatched it only a few weeks ago and all same feelings about it resurfaced. Definitely never to be watched again.

Captain Corelli's Mandolin (2001) - Now I do admit to watching this film in the cinema with a boyfriend at an age where cinemas spell making-out more than anything else. But I honestly did try my best to understand the story, as did the then-boyfriend. Only it seemed too drab and dragged to be of much interest to us. In the end we walked out halfway through the film and I never found out how it all ended. With this one, am quite tempted to try rewatching it, from start to finish this time around.

Sunday, 18 May 2014

My Latest Purchase

I have bought a second hand copy of a collection of poems by W. H. Auden. It is a 1998 edition but seems to be the second printing of the tie-in to the film 'Four Weddings and a Funeral' which premiered in 1994 in which Auden's famous Funeral Blues is read out during the funeral. It is John Hannah who gives a chilling rendition of the poem during the film but it is Hugh Grant's face that made it to the cover of the book as it was he that made it big with the film. Though I am a huge fan of Grant I still feel for Hannah as he truly deserved to be on the cover given it was he that gave the poem its notoriety.

Monday, 12 May 2014

Mother's Day or Present Day?

Just a short one to voice my thoughts about something. It was Mother's Day yesterday here in Malta (as in some other countries but not England, as I know they celebrated it earlier in the year). And every year when anyone mentions what they would be giving their mother on Mother's Day, I always feel that like all other feasts, this one seems to have become too commercialized. I do understand that a gift is primarily meant to show a person that you are thinking of them, as well as to show your appreciation for their role in your life. And so I do not begrudge anyone who does give gifts for every reason under the sun (or on the calendar). However I still get pretty upset at ridiculous advertising methods targeting such dates. I saw one this week for a bracelet charm of some particular posh brand, the name of which eludes me (frustrating thing for the company's marketing team). Anyways, of course I would love a charm that says 'Mother', though that wouldn't do me much good sitting in my jewellery box seeing as my bracelets barely ever see the light of day (or the glittering lights of a night out either). But come on, really, are we saying that love and affection are something to be bought in a fancy shop? I understand this kind of thing targets older children, children like me even, but I honestly believe that buying such a gift could actually mean you couldn't be bothered with other more important things you could be doing, like spending time with the mother (or obeying mum if you're still a kid). Buying your way out of Mother's Day is the way I see it.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Just popped by to excuse myself for not being around but am in the hospital tending to my son as he injured himself. Will be back when I can.