Friday, 25 April 2014

Just a short message to say I might not be posting for around another week or so. Whilst I do usually make an effort to upload two entries a week, I am currently caught up with so many commitments that I am stressed out to the max and don't really want to add on more 'must-dos'. When I blog, same as when I am writing anything else, or doing anything else for that matter, I do not like to take my work lightly and so I would rather focus on my personal problems right now and then start writing good stuff again, rather than give a half-hearted attempt at blogging whilst missing out on much-needed sleep to catch up. So thank you for checking in and hope to 'see' you again in a little while.

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Dieting Trouble

And today was not just Easter but also two days after my thirtieth birthday. Leading right up to the day I must say I was very confident and happy about starting a new decade and had already started drawing up a mental list of all things to be achieved in the coming ten years. And that list included remaining on my diet with good results, which up to three days ago seemed very achievable. Not so much today when I first pounced on the appetizers then ate all three course meal apart from a couple of some kind of potatoe thingies, as well as half my son's fruit salad, at what turned out to be a surprise lunch in honour of my birthday.

It's really tough to keep to a diet when every weekend there seems to be an excuse not to. First it was visiting grandma-in-law who every Sunday evening provides all present family members (in my case not a weekly visitor) with so much food they could very easily spend the previous twenty four hours fasting in order to have enough stomach space for the feast. She invariably practically shoves the food into my face, her hearing problem a good excuse for not understanding when I've said 'no thank you'.

The following week was a tea party at my mum's full of any dieting sin possible in plain view so that it took an extra doze of will power just to stop at two (or was that three?) sausage rolls and not eat one slice of every kind of cake presented to me. And trust the following week to be a buffet birthday lunch where I must admit to not remembering just how many dangerously full plates I took to my place at the table.

It must be some kind of curse that just when you decide you must put a stop to something (in this case to my tummy's ever growing circumference) then every possible obstacle in the world will present itself to talk you out of the commitment. And so today, whilst sure I will once again not fit into my black figure-hugging Tally Weijl trousers when I return to work after a week off starting tomorrow, I sure hope that today's was the last weekend to tease me out of my resolve to get my waist back to a presentable size.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

A Pleasant Mishap

This morning I rode the bus to work, something I try to avoid like the plague as a rule but had no way out of this time. A fifteen minute wait time on the bus stop had me in a bad mood already and for the thousandth time this year I wished I could get a car (am working on that one but will be a couple of years before I am in a financial position to put down a deposit on a good though not new car).

Anyways, back to this morning and away from car fantasies, I opened my handbag to find my IPad and remembered I had a good book in my bag. So I willed the bus to come so that I could sit down comfortably (or not) with my favourite literary character Bridget Jones.

It being close to Easter and lots of children on holiday already, the usually long-winded direct bus ride lasted only a half hour, a pleasant half hour that had me deeply engrossed in my book (though not enough to fail noticing the young woman sat by my side was all the time talking to herself aloud.)

So relaxing and enjoyable was that half hour read that on the bus ride back in the afternoon I resolved to read some more. It was a truly horrible day at work and I wanted Helen Fielding to put me back in the morning's good spirits. And so she did, for I came across a passage that had me laughing so hard I couldn't stop. Nor could I stop reading so that the laughter just kept getting more out of hand until I had tears coming out of my eyes and was truly embarrassed at the uncontrollable fit! It should have taught me to be careful what books to take on the bus with me but instead it just decided me about buying more Fielding novels.

Sunday, 13 April 2014

On Turning Thirty

I am turning thirty this week. Which means I turned fifteen half a lifetime ago, eek! So I thought it would be fun to come up with some comparisons between what was my life like then and now.
The almost-fifteen-year-old me was a dreamer with visions of acting in Hollywood, a big crush on Brian from Backstreet Boys and a fantasy of meeting and marrying some blue-eyed blond also preferably a foreigner (who I did meet but didn't marry after all!) I believed in myself big-time and nothing wavered my resolves. I also had a keen eye for beauty in all its forms.

The almost-thirty-year-old Gisele has visions of making writing a career, has an even more massive crush this time on Hugh Grant and is married to a non-foreigner that nonetheless has beautiful eyes in a shade of green rather than blue. I still find I stand by my beliefs but experience has not much helped my ego. I still gaze keenly at anything beautiful mostly if related to art or interiors (not so much designer-boasting interiors as more down-to-earth realistic looks, preferably with a vintage touch).
I seem not to have changed that much. What did change, I guess, is that I grew up and every grown-up knows they must face up to reality rather than live in their little bubble else once that bubble pops they will come tumbling down too hard. So I will go about my days thanking God and being happy for the office job I might love to hate, the exhausting life that is motherhood to an extra-intelligent four-year-old who's always one step ahead of me and that despite not living in my ideal fantasy, I am still somehow making it work.

Thursday, 10 April 2014


As the trial continues and new evidence emerges in the case against the Dingli Cliffs tragedy survivor mentioned in my last post, I have to amend my previous idea that the happenings were a result of a strife between the young and the old. Whilst am sure that parental over protectiveness does cause children to rebel more, I am afraid the case is clearly showing that this was no such episode and I must excuse myself with readers about such misinterpretation on my part. As per my previous comments however, I still choose not to give my opinion regarding the court proceedings. Whilst feeling terrible about the whole scenario happening locally I must refrain from taking sides or even judging both survivor and deceased, and hope that in the end, whether one way or the other, justice will prevail.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Romeo and Juliet Live On

Maltese newspapers are currently feeding on a tragedy that occurred locally a few weeks ago involving two young people. I will not be making any comment with regards to the case or give my views as to whether the young man in question should be found guilty, as I do not believe it right to assume anything when I (and in fact no one but the couple in question) was not present at the time of the misadventure. So the only reason I mention this police case is because the more I read about the evidence as well as the one survivor's version of events, the more I am reminded of Shakespeare's "star-cross'd lovers" Romeo and Juliet, both teens and mere years younger than these local sweethearts who suffered a similar fate.

Putting right and wrong aside, as well as whether the modern day Romeo's version of events is to be trusted, I have a nagging feeling that beneath everything else, this really was about love and society's interference. Having been fifteen myself, albeit quite a while ago, I think I can safely state that a fifteen year old knows what she want (or thinks she does) and is definitely not so susceptible, so that things might not have taken a fatal turn had the adults not interfered. Seriously, is this the first time a minor has had a relationship with a young man quite a few years older than herself? Few such cases end in tragedy? The adults' prying and resistance are what wrote this plot's scene of desperation in my opinion and might have been avoided altogether. And so I remember Shakespeare's version of Romeo and Juliet, intent on making their own choices and led to their death by society's rules.

PS - I say 'Shakespeare's version' as Romeo and Juliet were initially created by another writer, whose poem suggested their tragedy was a result of the young people's refusal to obey the parents' rules. Meanwhile Shakespeare turned the tables onto the ever interfering parents who, for their pride, lost that which they held dear.

Monday, 7 April 2014

Colour My Life Blue

Seeing as I prefer blogging about things I love more than about my day to day, I thought it only appropriate to dedicate an entry to my favourite colour blue. At first I assumed it would be difficult to come up with a passable article about a colour but once I went about my day with the thought in my mind I realized just how many things I love are coincidentally blue in some way.

Take the famous 'house with the blue door' from one of my favourite films 'Notting Hill' and add main actor Hugh Grant's mesmerizing blue eyes. Another favourite film of mine is 'Mickey Blue Eyes' (starring the same Hugh Grant) and one of my most-loved books is called 'The Blue Hour' (by Kate Thompson if you would like to have a read). Crazy as it may sound, one of my first thoughts upon the obstetrician's news that I was having a boy was that I could paint the walls of his room blue. Not to mention that said little boy is a gorgeous blond with beautiful blue eyes!

Such is my love for this colour that my living room, originally intended to have wine-coloured accessories, has lately been transformed into an area for shabby chic blue accents instead. Even the well-loved blanket on my bed is a darkish blue and the ensuite to my bedroom is also done up in light blue and white tiles with a ceiling paneled in a hazy cloudy light blue. And to top off my list with a romantic touch... One of the things I told my husband back on our first date was that my favourite colour is blue... It turned out to be a mutual preference which, even fifteen years later, is one of very few!

Friday, 4 April 2014

A Little Bit of the Author

It always amuses me when novels hold a disclaimer stating that all characters are fictitious and any resemblance to people dead or alive is purely coincidental. Now lately this disclaimer keeps replaying in my head as I write my novel.

Whilst reading up on film scripts a few weeks ago, I came across a statement that made a lot of sense. It appears that script writers often write a little of themselves into characters, then choose actors to play their part - a part depicting a doppelgänger with better looks than those of the scriptwriter. Maybe that explains the reason why some script-writers choose the same actors to work with over and over. And it might also explain the Chagall painting in Notting Hill, where Richard Curtis' alter-ego William (played by Hugh Grant) loves the same artist as the script-writer.

Which brings me to my own novel. Whilst I am certainly not the impulsive drastic person that is the persona in my novel, I must admit that quite a bit of me has made it into the narrative. Starting with my image of the 'perfect man' to the short attention span and love of art and old furniture, character Jeanne and I have a lot in common. And so I wonder, are all heroines a product not only of their author's imagination but also maybe a little bit a product of the author's life?

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Just Being Myself

I do like to write articles rather than just blab on about what goes on in my life but here is one about me and what I'm up to.
1) Have just finished reading 'Bridget Jones' Diary' (eighteen years late!) and have now started on 'Bridget Jones The Edge of Reason'.
2) Have been turning into said Bridget Jones when it comes to calorie counting... like her, this weekend I seemed more concerned with the guilt trips than actually doing something about it!
3) Very excited about how my latest attempt at writing a novel has turned into more than just an attempt. For the first time in my grown-up life, am writing a full-length novel that will eventually turn into precisely that, rather than get filed away with a dozen rewrites of a Chapter 1 and no chance of even reaching the middle of the narrative let alone the end! You will one day be able to find this one in the bookshops (positivity is key!)
4) Still on my forever quest to spruce up our home to make it more 'me' and 'us'.
5) No time for watching any film the past couple of weeks unless you count re-watching 'Johnny English' with my husband (I don't count this one as it's not on my list of films to watch) or that I re-watched 'Four Weddings and A Funeral' (which I don't count either as I was washing the floor etc rather than sitting down whilst looking at a gorgeous twenty-years-younger-than-now Hugh Grant on screen)
I must be off now, with no nagging feeling that I have not updated my blog for a few days seeing as the above is quite a legitimate entry though nothing out of the ordinary. Until next time.