Monday, 12 August 2019

Presenting a chance to become a Comely and Confident YOU

Only a few years ago, my wardrobe was a mess. My life was a mess. If anyone asked me what I realistically wanted to do with my life, I had no idea. Because when there is clutter around you, you cannot think straight. Every single thing around you takes up brain power when it is within eyesight as does the very thought of the bulging cupboards you don't really wanna have to open! Also, every time you open your wardrobe and think 'I have nothing to wear', you lower your positivity level and add to those little frustrations of life, the ones that add up. Thankfully, I banished the clutter monster from my life and so can you. Through years of research and experimentation on myself and my home, I perfected a method that makes clutter a thing of the past and both myself and my home are a testament that you and your space can truly be Comely and Confident if you wish!

Most often it is people with a zillion outfits sitting in maybe even multiple wardrobes and spilling out of their bedroom that complain they haven't really got anything to wear to the particular occasion. Why? It could be for a multitude of reasons but mostly the result of years of impulse buys, not giving proper thought to what you are actually buying, hoarding 'just in case' outfits or ones that belong to your former self or the 'fantasy' self you aspire to. Add to these those outfits that cost you way too much money to admit you don't really like or want them, the ones with sentimental value, and the fashion must-haves that clearly don't suit your shape, and you end up with a bulging wardrobe that is screaming for the kind of attention you feel you 'don't have time for': the tender loving care to go through it seriously and with an open mind, removing what you don't really want in order to enjoy more that which actually remains.

It is a well-known fact that the majority of people in the first world countries tend to wear 20% of their clothes for 80% of the time. This is, in my opinion, a pure waste of space, of clutter in from of your eyes and of money uselessly spent too. You cannot retrieve money already 'wasted' but you can learn how to avoid any more wastage in the future. Just like you can learn to always buy items that will fit you to a T, never repeat a mistake buy, and even make opening up your wardrobe a joy any time you want to select an outfit, be it to go shopping, a first date or a day in your career. I am not asking you to become Minimalist, though kudos to those that will go there. All I am asking is that you present to the world and most importantly to yourself, a Comely and Confident YOU.

My wardrobe method changed my image, my confidence, my attraction level, as you can see in the pics I am posting below. And I am offering to show you, for only EUR75 for the base session, a way to take my one-on-one course once and never again feel the pain of having to find your style or 'what to wear'.

So click on the link below right now and message me for more details on the Facebook page. I promise you won't regret it:

BEFORE (above) and AFTER (below)

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