Friday, 2 August 2019

Only Positive Allowed

I could have named my post ‘No Negative Allowed’ but that in itself would be negative wouldn’t it? Because although I would be saying the same thing in essence, one will bring about a feeling of wellness and the other has connotations of ill. This is something the human mind does on auto-pilot unless the human is aware of it and purposely stops their thoughts mid-stream when they are about to cause a negative vibration/emotion.

What am I on about today and what brought this on? Just like everyone else, I have a Facebook profile. Granted I have only maybe a couple hundred friends on it that I am always editing but still, those two-hundred-or-so ‘Friends’ all have their own life, opinions, hobbies, even issues they hold close to heart. As a result my Notifications list suggests a variety of things I should do from ‘Help fund the ocean clean-up.’ to ‘Save the trees!’ and ‘No to excessive population.’

The first example I made requests the Facebooker to fork out money so I will not be going into the merits or disadvantages of the constant bombardment of ‘fund this/fund that’ all around us as it is subjective not only to said person agreeing with the campaign but also tackles a money or lack of issue.

However the other two notifications I mentioned both tackle, in a way, an environmental issue as well as a standard of living one. This is not about going into whether I agree or not with these stances and what is being done to rectify the situations but rather about the idea of Facebook, and the internet in general really, being used to get such messages across and the purpose of uniting as one front on certain issues.

I want to save the trees. Of course I want to! I mean, what’s the point of NOT wanting to? I would very easily ‘Like’ the initiative, maybe even check what helping save the trees entails. On the other hand, I am afraid one of my new personal rules dictates I will not be joining ‘No to excessive population.’ groups or pages. Why? Because they are stating the negative as happening.

Now I believe in the Law of Attraction. I see it working around me every day, all the time, so what’s not to believe? However let’s say you actually don’t believe and don’t want to believe in it. The point remains the same, that if you’re going to start off with a negative stance like ‘overpopulation’ then the mind, yours and of whoever set up the group and that of all the others who joined, is dwelling on the negative idea that there IS overpopulation rather than being productive and constructive in finding a way to avoid it. When one starts with the negative, it is infinitely more difficult to turn it into the positive and correct me if I am wrong but the whole point of the initiative is to better the situation to begin with, right? Not to dwell on the bad and harp on the bad and sit around blaming whoever did the bad? All you are doing by stating a negative fact, is to accept it as is and therefore let it become the accepted norm.

The human mind is as helpful as it is a hindrance in life. It tends to dwell on fears, ones that are unfounded at times, rather than letting us be free to experience life. It will feed the ego and in a way IS the ego, hoping we are asleep enough to the real truth and world around us to accept it as our absolute ruler all the time. Well in actual fact, there are neurones in the heart too, powerful ones, that are more likely than those of the mind to attract to us the most amazing life if we so choose. Let your mind work out your change at the supermarket, let it figure out your work timetable and getting from A to B. But NEVER, and I mean NEVER, let it control your emotional thoughts. Just like the newscaster on TV and the journalist of the most widespread newspapers, it thrives on giving you the negative, the toxic, the emotions that keep you from feeling free. So let’s strive to find solutions instead of dwelling on the ‘what is’.

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