Friday, 12 July 2019

You Owe It To 'You' To Love Yourself - Includes Links to Self-Love Meditation.

I am back to being a full-time mum as of two Sundays ago. I missed my son terribly and we are now settling into our new home together wonderfully (erm... unless I count the tantrums!) but I wouldn't be realistic if I said having a child to care for doesn't always add more work.

I am still out of employment though I am working on multiple projects that I am turning into my dream jobs (yeah there are two separate careers I am working on, both equally interesting to me). In addition to that, I am still facing salespersons, deliverymen, complaints (from my end) and workmen at the new flat.

So all in all, with caring for the little man as well as acting as project manager for the flat, cleaning up the place and unpacking more boxes in addition to the projects that I still regard as 'work' given they take up time and concentration, I seem to now need more meditation time and time to 'just be' than I ever did in the past year.

I have tried guided meditation by different YouTubers for various needs and I could kick myself for now not remembering which one I had used when I needed to get over a heartbreak as I remember that one being totally fantastic and soothing and I would have liked to share it on here.

There are two self-love guided meditation YouTube videos that I have used to amazing results whenever I was in need to realign myself and get into a positive, happy, fulfilled energy. They both of them state to use for attracting either a particular partner or a soulmate but I can guarantee you can use them just as effectively to work on yourself, especially as they both deal with upping your own sense of self in order to align you with what you want. Both meditations I am linking below are by vloggers that I have huge respect for because they really resonate with me and I am able to easily understand their videos. They are also both practitioners of the Law of Attraction and this is very evident in their wording in the guided meditation videos.

You might say 'I don't follow Law of Attraction' or 'The Law of Attraction is all bullshit' which is fine by me though I will beg to disagree. However whether you believe in LoA or not, I am sure no one is against boosting their happiness in whatever way they can so you can always disregard the vlogger's personal views and concentrate instead on your happiness. There is nothing in either of the two videos that instil anything but love and a positive sense of self so there is no harm in trying them out, right?

This is starting to sound like a paid advert, which not only it isn't, but I actually refuse paid work that is to do with marketing and advertising most of the time due to my beliefs. Therefore feel free NOT to click on the links, which I am sharing here below for anyone that is willing to give bettering their life a shot. However good your life is, you can always strive to make it better.

The first link is to a video by Eric Ho, entrepreneur and international speaker. Eric's videos are truly inspirational and have helped me so much in my life, not only with his LoA advice but even more practical things such as business tips. However this one, which I had found linked on another of his videos, is actually a big booster to learning to love yourself in a good way (not egocentric).

The next link is to a video by Aaron Doughty, also dealing with self-love meditation, but is in my opinion for more advanced meditation. Even though I meditate and use affirmations every day, I still find Aaron's guided meditation heavy and sometimes more difficult to totally get into. However, being less basic than Eric Ho's Affirmations Meditation, it can transport you to a place of total relaxation and a place where you can actually listen to your heart. After all, even the biggest scientists got their eureka moments whilst in a state of relaxation.

The titles of both videos mention attracting other people but once you start the videos you will find they will concentrate on your own self and aligning that to love rather than making it about the other person at all.

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