Thursday, 4 July 2019

'NO' Diet? NO thanks!

If there is one thing I love to try, it is anything that will challenge me to have a better life. Be it a quick tip online that helps alleviate a bad mood, or something as complex as trying to read through and understand a book by Edward de Bono (in case you are wondering, turned out to be mind-boggling, not my cup of tea and I sold the book before getting halfway through it).

When a post on my Facebook feed suggested a healthy diet with a set of rules as to what NOT to eat, I was all for giving it a try. After all, I anyway didn’t often ingest half of the things on the list because it makes me feel better not to from a physical point of view anyway.

How hard could it be? One month of:

NO burgers
NO chips
NO ice cream
NO fast food
NO chocolate
NO white bread
NO soda
NO cakes or donuts
NO cookies or candy

I decided to start the challenge immediately rather than wait for the start of a month. When I went to mum’s and commented on a pretty new tin box she had acquired (I looovvvvveeee beautiful boxes!) she advised it was full of cookies and she would eventually open it to share and I immediately made my diet known. “One month ain’t a lot,” she said, hinting I could always take the cookie afterwards. Good point, challenge said a month after all, I was free to ‘break the rules’ once in a while after that.

Oh who am I kidding??

I got to Day 2 and my son had a kids’ pool party to which I was invited as well. One hour in the sweltering heat but not in the pool was enough to make me crave water, water, water!! We all trooped to the dining area of the party and the hostess advised we could get a drink from the bar. I tend to take water from sunrise to sunset (actually even wake up for some during the night at times) and I take water almost invariably when I eat out too. However it being a party I felt it wouldn’t hurt to grab a non-water bottle or can of something. No soda, right? It left me with choices of beer, juice, sports drinks. No soda and yet the diet allowed for alcohol or extra sugary drinks nonetheless. I started doubting its point. I took a sports drink not to spite the diet but rather because I was sweating like crazy and low on salt.

Next all parents were offered sandwiches and pizza slices. Pizza ain’t that healthy, right? I was starving so I grabbed and bit into a cheese sandwich. WHITE!! The sandwiches were white. My sandwich was bitten. I could have gone for the pizza but how is that a healthier choice than the white bread?! I ate on, starting to doubt the diet and yet feeling guilty for pacifying my starving stomach. (Do you see the irony of this self-love diet?)

The birthday boy turned 5! Yippie! How is that usually celebrated? Why with a cake of course! One mountainous beautiful cake, a piece of which was offered to the parents too and not just the kids. Oh oh! Should I take or should I not? I’d broken my diet anyways and would have to start it over and that cake looked good, so good! Also slightly rude to decline huh?

The cake turned out to be delicious. Also, it turned out NOT to taste at all of sugar as many do. A rainbow-coloured extravagant dessert that tasted like a healthy version of cake. (I really must ask for this baker’s number!)

And so ladies and gentlemen YES, I broke the diet, on day 2 nonetheless!! Was it a failed experiment? YES. Do I regret it failing. Honestly? Strangely - NO!

I am all for healthy eating, challenging myself and trying to cut sugar out (though I do tend to feel low on sugar at times so I doubt how wise is it to deny my body its needs). However there are ways and ways to do it.

I don’t get to go to a party every day. If anything, I rarely have any. I also rarely used to go to the Office’s work parties where the lure for other people was the free-flowing alcohol. I am THAT GIRL who goes to McDonalds and orders a healthy grilled chicken salad with real fruit yogurt and water for my drink!

This diet is starting to sound to me very much like the Project 333 (which you may find here: When I tried that one, I found it limiting, frustrating, denied me access to my own other clothes and proved to me no point. It might be good for people who have a wardrobe full of things they anyway don’t wear or who need a lesson in paring down, but it served me only to understand that rules and rigid numbers are NOT what I need to understand or practice something.

So with regards to my clothes and to my diet too, I would rather follow my heart and to it be true.

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