Saturday, 8 June 2019

Snoozing My Blog Post By A Week

It's Saturday night already and I still don't have a blog post this week. But that is ok. I know it sounds strange that I should say this when I am so diligent about my writing. However, the reason I don't have a post ready this week is a topic in itself.

I have been all over the place these past two weeks trying to catch up with the works, deliveries and cleaning at my new home, seeing a bit more of my son and catching up with his needs as well as working on becoming a better mum. I have also been giving myself some breathing space and rest because let's face it, just because I am not currently doing paid work does not mean I am not putting in a lot of work (if anything I am getting more physically exhausted and crashing into bed to immediate zzz especially after trips outside in this heatwave!)

So all in all, I cut myself some slack. Which brings to mind a meme I saw lately on Facebook before I started my break from this social media monster (but more about my FB break in the future when I'll have kept away enough from it to compile enough findings for a full post). Although I don't remember the exact wording, the quote said something along the lines that today's society is functioning at a pace that is good for robots not real human beings and of course we are tired out by it as a result!

Well, in line with my blog post On Holiday Every Day, I follow the rule that I should pace my day and make it worthwhile, job-wise and rest-wise, as well as living it rather than being alive in it. And if that means having to skip out on a post or two, then so be it. Only when my mind is not already tired and aching from the mixture of heat and tension that it's been through today, can I give input worth reading and that will make a difference. So I will lead by example and skip this week's entry in favour of some decent snooze and self-love meditation to truly recharge. Till next week.

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