Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Positive and Negative

I’ve been meaning to write this one for a while and as they say, it makes sense to strike whilst the iron is hot. Or in this case, whilst most of Malta still remembers the recent billboard competition leading up to the elections for the new Members of the European Parliament.

According to statistics, one of the major parties ‘won’ this election. How the votes of MEPs can be said to truly reflect a general election’s outcome beats me but anyways, this is not actually about any of the parties, major or minor, that were vying for votes. Rather, this is about the campaign billboards and what they brought to mind.

Regardless of the fact that I am totally immune to politics and actually connote the very topic to evil and greed (my blog post We are all the same when in power explains why), I too have to acknowledge that one major party DID get more votes than the other and that the difference in percentage votes was quite big.

To be honest, I could have predicted who would get the most votes accurately, even without having bothered checking out any of the promises made, the ideas being presented or anything else related to convincing the public to vote for one party or the other. The billboards did all the work this time round.

Why? Very simply put, it was a matter of perspective. In simple terms, one party focused on the positive and the other on the negative; one party made a show of the ‘good’ traits of the particular team whilst the other seemed to base the whole campaign on dissing the opponent and showing the negative side of the ‘enemy’ rather than presenting any luring campaign of their own.

I cannot mention enough just how little I believe in Politics. If anything, the very idea of Politics, Parties be they left or right, or any other strategic type of governing body goes against my beliefs. However as a practitioner of the Law of Attraction, I do believe and have also experienced the power of emotions. The Law of Attraction works through vibrational energy and a person’s vibrational frequency is influenced by all types of emotions, with LOVE and FEAR being the two extremes that are most powerful in causing manifestations both positive (LOVE) and negative (FEAR).

Given a choice between these two and with all other things being equal, no one would willingly choose to live in FEAR rather than bathe in the feeling of LOVE. This is the very reason that one of the two campaigns was always a strong one with the other being a definite fail.

It seems like Malta’s political parties experienced the Law of Attraction in practice as a direct result of their stance this time round. This in addition to the fact that a very clear message has been sent out by the public that cannot be ignored: Intimidation is no match for Confidence in Self. Where one believes in themselves, they will achieve much more than by concentrating on the negative side.

Saturday, 8 June 2019

Snoozing My Blog Post By A Week

It's Saturday night already and I still don't have a blog post this week. But that is ok. I know it sounds strange that I should say this when I am so diligent about my writing. However, the reason I don't have a post ready this week is a topic in itself.

I have been all over the place these past two weeks trying to catch up with the works, deliveries and cleaning at my new home, seeing a bit more of my son and catching up with his needs as well as working on becoming a better mum. I have also been giving myself some breathing space and rest because let's face it, just because I am not currently doing paid work does not mean I am not putting in a lot of work (if anything I am getting more physically exhausted and crashing into bed to immediate zzz especially after trips outside in this heatwave!)

So all in all, I cut myself some slack. Which brings to mind a meme I saw lately on Facebook before I started my break from this social media monster (but more about my FB break in the future when I'll have kept away enough from it to compile enough findings for a full post). Although I don't remember the exact wording, the quote said something along the lines that today's society is functioning at a pace that is good for robots not real human beings and of course we are tired out by it as a result!

Well, in line with my blog post On Holiday Every Day, I follow the rule that I should pace my day and make it worthwhile, job-wise and rest-wise, as well as living it rather than being alive in it. And if that means having to skip out on a post or two, then so be it. Only when my mind is not already tired and aching from the mixture of heat and tension that it's been through today, can I give input worth reading and that will make a difference. So I will lead by example and skip this week's entry in favour of some decent snooze and self-love meditation to truly recharge. Till next week.