Saturday, 4 May 2019


Last week's post discussed the ending of the classic film Sliding Doors, focusing not only on how an instant can change a life but also on how perception and interpretation give any situation its power, energy and help it choose what comes next. I did also mention that I was considering covering the topic of alternate scenarios arising from a choice or moment's situation.

Just three weeks ago, a very particular series of events happened to me. Some might call them coincidences but when they follow each other in a meaningful way they are more often described as Synchronicities.

They started with a random conversation with an acquaintance that led me to booking two days off work for an event that never happened. The two leave days never got cancelled mostly due to my anxiety telling me I might need them should I get called for another work interview.

The day before my leave was due to start, I wrongly remembered my best friend saying he wold be busy that day so I never texted to meet up though I felt like going out a bit. A text to another acquaintance to hang out was met with a 'sorry am working', leaving me to myself and my thoughts.

It was at that point that, now in no rush to meet anyone, something told me to just send a message that I had been meaning to send later on that night. The message turned into a conversation that became an impromptu flight that could only happen thanks to my pre-booked days off work.

Just one coincidence less and I couldn't have made that trip, a trip that I decided to make when given a choice between yes and no. Why did I do it? Because I trust my intuition and it was saying it should be this way. When things align pushing you towards something so perfectly obviously, you don’t choose ‘No’ though you very well could (alternate realities remember?)

So I packed my hand luggage and booked my taxi, made babysitting arrangements for my son and sent details of where I would be staying to my best friend so that someone would have my location in the event of an emergency.

The trip was a ‘holiday’ to the outside eyes, a discovery process to my emotional self, an exercise in mirroring to my spiritual side and even an ending to a chapter in my life. The Italian phrase ‘faccende in sospese’ keeps coming to mind when I think of that trip. (Please don’t google-translate that phrase, it makes no sense to call them ‘unsuspected matters’!)

So what does the phrase actually mean? I think I first heard it watching Casper (1995) in Italian. Poor little blond ghost Casper was still haunting the house due to some unfinished business, as it is said that ghosts do. I can assure you I am no ghost and yet I would think ‘unfinished business’ is very connotative to ‘closure’, is it not? I have already admitted the trip ended a bitter-sweet, long, transformative even, chapter in my life.

Do I mind Closure? Not when it comes with lessons learnt, a chance to evolve more and a chance to use it as a lesson to love myself more, stick up for myself and even try to find my life purpose as a result of it.

So yes, it was meant to be, to use another cliché phrase. Hence why I call a series of coincidences Synchronicities.

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