Friday, 31 May 2019

Jealousy and the Wise Woman

Apparently women are good at finding things out. Not only have I heard this numerous times, but I also know it for a fact about myself as I can be the best sleuth in the country if I want to know what's going on about something.

Unfortunately there is another quite famous phrase about women and I rather think most of the time it goes hand in hand with our sleuthing capacities. Yep ladies and gents, we all know that 'Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.'

So what happens when a woman gets shunned? Oh my God, should I even start on that?!

Women can add one plus one and make up two. Or even get to four in some unrealistic but logical way. You might lie through your teeth but a wise woman will always know whether you've changed your mind about her, were previously tricking her and now lost interest, or even if you genuinely need some time to regroup before trying to catch up with her energy, zest and confidence.

What a wise woman will also do, however, is not give in to jealousy or use petty tricks to win you back. So all the above-said should be ignored as long as we are talking about an intelligent, worthy woman.

Why? Because a woman who knows her true value will never beg to get a man back, never take out the pain on the poor new love interest of that man, never even bother wasting energy on hating the situation.

A wise woman will move on, choosing to embrace the growth that comes of every life situation, rather than letting the situation bog her down, even as she carries in her heart a story full of pain and 'knows' deep down whether she and her loved one will ever meet again.

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