Thursday, 11 April 2019

No Mobile Phone!

After work one day last week, I was meant to go visit my son. Only, I forgot the book we were reading together at my home. I decided I could go home to pick it up and still make it on time getting to my son. On arriving home some flatmates stopped me to talk about something and in my rush I picked up the book and ironically left my bag behind instead.

When I noticed I was already on my way. Debating whether I could turn back to get my precious mobile (from which I had not parted for more than a couple hours at a time in the last two years) and still make it on time, I realised I could only know whether that was possible if I could tell the time. My phone is also my watch.

I figured I rather be definitely on time than have my phone with me, never really remembering that my handbag actually contained much more than just my phone. Also, I thought maybe this would be a cool experiment to try; living without my phone for a couple of hours.

So there I was, making my way in the rush hour traffic. Was I gonna be on time? Who knew?! I couldn’t check!

On the way my mind whirled round thinking about random yet deep things as it is apt to do and suddenly I came up with five numbers that meant something that I decided would win me the Super 5 lottery of that evening. I’d get a ticket from a nearby lotto booth after picking up my son, I thought. WAIT! I didn’t have my purse on me, that too was left in the bag at home.

Ok, I could text my mum to buy a ticket for me as I had no way of doing it myself before the evening’s draw. Having arrived and found a parking spot, I thought to myself I’d text mum the numbers I wanted on my ticket. Wait. NO PHONE TO TEXT FROM!

Resigned to the idea I was not going to get my ticket for that night’s draw, I walked to our usual meeting spot, not really sure was I early, on time, or late. I asked a passerby for the time and it turned out I was twenty minutes early.

I paced up and down and even walked down the road and back, willing the time to pass without actually knowing how much had passed. I even calmly went through all my daily affirmations; positive phrases I made up that I tell myself daily since I practice LoA (Law of Attraction) religiously.

Surely, my ex husband would know to get our son to the usual spot when he saw it was time and I hadn’t messaged ‘I am here.’ But what if instead he tried to phone? No one would answer the call. What if, something had happened and there was a change of plan and he’d texted me to suggest an alternate time, place, maybe cancelled altogether? Thoughts whirled through my head, punishing me for leaving my mobile phone behind.

When a car finally pulled up and my son got out, I explained my predicament and how I would be unable to tell the time and therefore get my son back on time. Thankfully my son had his iPod Touch with him so that I could tell what time it was and his dad promised to be back at the allotted time so I wouldn’t need to text a ‘We are back.’

I figured I couldn’t possibly need my phone now that my son was here but trust myself to look for it once again when I felt like taking a photo.

Time flew and we eventually walked back to the meeting point where I hugged my son goodbye and started the long way back to my car. I remembered that I’d been waiting for a message on my phone. I also remembered I hadn’t texted another friend who I’d meant to for a specific reason.

Oh well, I’d do that when I got home. Which I did, around two hours after first leaving my phone behind. A hundred and twenty minutes out of a whole day, out of a week, month, year, more than two years since I’d finally switched to a proper smart phone.

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