Saturday, 23 February 2019

Billboard Bull***t

Very close to the street where I am currently living is a billboard. Now a billboard is never a friend of mine, given it invariably markets and advertises something or other in a way that tries to make people believe it is something they can't live without. For after all, it also invariably markets something we actually could live without or there would be no need to advertise it in the first place! Even animals can understand what they need to survive and thrive, let alone humans. No business wastes money on advertising things that we anyway need to get.

To add insult to injury, this particular billboard is advertising home loans from a particular bank in what appears to me a very irrational logic. Targeting new parents, it suggests that a new baby might indirectly require a bigger home and that they should 'go with it'. 'Go with it'?!! And who is paying that bigger monthly loan, the taxes on purchase of a new property, the interest that brings the total repayment over the years to practically double the original loan amount?

Yet a more intelligent question, however, is why should a new baby bring about a requirement for more space to begin with? In the case of couples with a starter home without enough bedrooms I might agree, but to suggest bigger is better simply for storage space as the advert seemed to indicate, then I must protest that this is simple bull***t. Then again, aren't all billboards tinting simple bull***t in all colours of the rainbow simply to lure people to their cause?

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