Tuesday, 29 January 2019

London Holiday - Musings Part 3 - The Experience

I've spoken about 'Me' time and I've spoken about shopping. However I think the biggest highlight of my London trip was the experiences that, as always, are something unique and different to each individual and in this case reflect my own likes, preferences and interests.

Arriving at Heathrow late evening I assumed I would only start my adventure properly on the morrow. The airport knew better than I and surprised me with my first photograph-worthy view. As I casually strolled down through the long corridors following signs to my destined exit, I came acrid the spot where Eddie Redmayne apparently stood with his Oscar when he landed back from America and the Academy Awards in 2015.

The rest of the first night was uneventful and I stepped out on the morrow to my first destination, Camden Town. This artistic place stole my heart, partly for its sculpted and painted walls and also for the delicious shops and items for sale. From Gothic clothes to homemade candles (one of which now burns in my room), the shop that I will forever call 'the robot shop' for its design to the multitude of stalls selling anything from homemade baby clothes to cosy vintage signs to hang around the home.
Just as exciting, my second day led me to Portobello Road, with its endless stalls and shops, including the first Cath Kidston store I visited. One lovely gadget store had the most amazingly designed novelty items but unfortunately at the first snap of my phone camera I was sternly advised not to take pictures inside the shop so I cannot share with my readers. My purchases from that day include a print of a Klimt as well as the oil painting I mentioned in the previous post.

With those two 'must see' locations done to my heart's content, I spent the rest of my holiday just visiting places that might interest me and clothes stores I love. Then just as I started my journey with a snapshot from the filming world, I ended it in the Harry Potter shop called Platform 9 3/4. I found it just two hours before checkout, right under my nose in my 'home' train station, King's Cross Station, whilst I had looked for it in the surrounding streets instead!

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