Thursday, 24 January 2019

London Holiday - Musings Part 2 - Some Shopping

My London holiday will be well over by the time I get this published and yet confining my trip to just one blog post would have been a shame. The thing is, there were so many facets to the trip and I was hoping to cover all the main ones through these posts.

In my first post about London I mentioned 'a bit of shopping'. Most people would think I am trying to hide just how much shopping I did but you know what? I am actually finding it hard to shop! I did go a little overboard when I visited Portobello Road, simply because I am very much into art and prints and metal signs but I am glad to say what I got was stuff that I was actually anyway on the lookout for, if I exclude one small dainty silver snuff box for my new bedroom that I found at a real bargain price. Seeing as my new flat was still going to have mostly empty walls, I was happy to buy some really cool prints and signs that not only compliment the style of the furniture but also reflect my own personality. Add to that, I was really excited to find, miles away from home, a beautiful affordable oil painting that will do nicely for the master bedroom and was actually the finishing touch and focal point I was still on the lookout for!

Hats my size!
When it comes to the clothes shopping side, I actually amazed myself with how little I got! Even though I am a Minimalist, I do love to look as perfect as possible every single day and whilst having a capsule wardrobe limits regrettable impulse buys, I allow myself to buy unlimited clothes as long as they feel just right. In this case, only three tops and a skirt felt 'good enough' and priced 'right enough'. My other clothing purchases actually consisted of underwear (now that I might have a bit too much of but as I said, for me there are no strict limit rules as long as I buy what I love and wear it), a beautiful scarf that matches the colour of my eyes, one silver beanie and two gorgeous winter hats that I am ecstatic about simply because I was never able to find any before from Malta that fit right and looked good on me and I do like to wear something on my head in the cold. So fashionable and functional, my new hats get prime space in my wardrobe.

Since this one is about shopping, I should also confess to having made some purchases from the Cath Kidston store where I was so pleased to find a sale on, seeing as she is one of my very favourite designers. As they say, patience pays off and having brushed off buying a kitchen timer for usually finding the cheap dubious types, in the shop I came across a truly beautiful one that will go perfectly with my kitchen and is so so vintage that I just can't help but beam when I think of it. I also got a power bank curtsey of the brand, which I had been looking out for as my current one plays up at times. On sale it turned out cheaper than if I'd buy one boring standard one from back home and this is actually meant to be used specifically with apple products and comes with an extra charging cable for my iPhone SE! All in all, I made real bargains at the shop and I even bought a handbag from there. True enough, that was one thing I did not need, but it had been a dream of mine for years to own a Cath Kidston handbag so thanks to the sale I finally own my own without feeling guilty about their usually high prices.

At the end of it, considering I am in central London with a spending budget put aside specifically for the occasion, it seems like Minimalism makes us more disciplined than we would actually have thought and I lost count of just how many clothing stores I pushed myself into, only to shake my head at all the items on display and head out again onto the street. Any tips to give me the same mindset when I see beautiful underwear are seriously welcome! 😆

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