Wednesday, 16 January 2019

London Holiday - Musings Part 1 - A 'ME' trip

I am writing this post whilst on holiday in London, sitting in my room after three days of walking, walking and more walking around!

My trip has been a medley up to now of amazing attractions, a bit of shopping and as I said, a lot of walking (even counting solely the running around in the Underground Stations and going up and down the steps there is more than enough exercise!)

Circumstances dictated I made the trip alone this time around and this gave me the opportunity to make it 'my own' holiday so to speak. With no one else to consult with about where to go and what to do (and more importantly for me, what to eat!) as well as having no one to rely on (am so proud I managed to get around pretty well for my reputation of getting lost all the time!) I found this was the perfect time to totally disengage from anything and everything that usually takes up my time and attention and make this about ME.

I do not mean this in a conceited way. If anything, I have to confess I brought photos of my loved ones with me on this trip, simply because I still want to feel them close. However, unlike previous trips where I had to compromise or simply go along with what anyone else had decided to do, this time I was free to, say, avoid the British Museum completely whilst going round the Cath Kidston shop three or four times simply because no one was tapping their feet waiting for me to make my purchasing decisions quicker. I also took one quick look around one side of Hyde Park and, being told by a security guard (who was kind enough to take my photo and also compliment me on my eyes!) that Winter Wonderland had after all, closed and was being dismantled, decided that was enough park-walking for me thank you very much. The point I am trying to make is, that since this is my third trip to London after all, going solo gave me the liberty to pass over what I felt I had done enough of and concentrate on what is 'Wow!' to me.

A lot of people have the idea that we must all sacrifice ourselves for our families, put ourselves last, that there is some kind of martyrdom we should achieve once we become adults. Instead I have learnt that unless we love ourselves first and just as importantly nurture ourselves, then there will not be enough of us to go round for those we love.

Let's take a practical example. My friends as well as partners old and new (in effect anyone that's actually been on an outing or hung out with me really) know that the only times I get really, really cranky outside of work are when I am tired or hungry. Both can be very easily solved and yet I cannot give the best version of myself till they are. In this same way, we all of us, without exception, can be much better parents and partners and workmates and any other role we find ourselves taking on, if we are good with ourselves first.

That is why I didn't begrudge myself of the 'Me' holiday that I felt deep down I needed so bad and am enjoying it to the absolute max.

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