Saturday, 5 January 2019

I Never Rush Any More

We live in a culture of 'Busy'. It has become a keyword to 'Success' it seems or else why would everyone be replying to 'How are you?' with 'Busy!'?

I have to admit I am guilty of doing it myself sometimes and my go-to phrase sounds even worse than that as I'm usually texting 'talk later as gotta rush!'

Rushing. I used to mean it when I said that. Nowadays, if you get a text from me saying that, don't take it literally. The reason I would be sending such a message and stopping a chat is actually NOT TO have to rush! Picture it this way:

You are cooking and you know you will then sit down to the meal which can't exceed a certain time because at that point you must get dressed and go to an important appointment. Now you could very well text through the cooking and eating, therefore unconsciously slowing yourself down and then having to rush to get ready on time and maybe even drive faster to make your appointment. Or else you could send that quick 'Goodbye' text explaining how you can't exactly talk right now. It will let you focus on what you need to be doing and follow through with your plans without a hitch.

Sometimes texting is not even the problem. In fact, at times overcommitting ourselves is! Why would you plan a trip to the supermarket just one hour before you are due at the hairdresser's? Even something as small as having a hard time looking for a parking spot will throw you off your tight schedule. I will usually refer to myself as 'Rushing' from one to the other if someone stops me with a phone-call etc simply to explain that I have to get both things done in a timely manner. I would in effect have already allowed a time cushion for any delays.

A third trick I use to ensuring I am never in panic mode is to use a week-to-a-page diary. It might sound like a strange suggestion but the reason I do that is to see that I don't fill many days in the same week with commitments. If you are anything like me, errands of any kind take a toll on your energy and putting too much in a week will feel like 'Rushing through it'.

Some of you might be arguing that it is all very well to make suggestions without knowing just how many commitments you must catch up with. I quite understand your busy schedule because I actually have got one too. In the past I would practically force myself to never rest before I got it all done and cleared from my head but guess what? It will never get all done as there will always be something new to see to at the same time that you are striving to cross off each item on your 'To do' list. No wonder my ex husband and I had so many arguments whenever I pushed him to do the same!

I now find that I am much better off and more able to deal with it all if I allow myself the space and time to not get overwhelmed, over-tired or over-burdened. I have taken it upon myself to learn how to say 'No' when a 'Yes' can't really work due to time constraints else when it is a burden to myself and/or my family. I have even limited my texting time in general and it's given me enough time back to add Meditation time to relax as well as give me more time to write and catch up with deadlines.

So truly, like with everything else in life, it seems like 'Balance' is the key word to counteract 'Busy'.

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