Friday, 14 December 2018

Love the environment, one pencil at a time!

Ever since I was growing up there's been this awareness campaign about how we are cutting down too many trees. One of the reasons is that, especially back then, we were using up (as well as sometimes outright wasting) too much paper. I won't say we are now totally paperless but the world has come a long way since then in promoting ebooks over books, email over mail, even almost paperless offices.

One item I did use growing up that remains even now so freely available and as widely in use and that also comes from trees is the pencil. Sometimes we do need to be practical and use things after all even when they come from sources that we are trying to protect. Which is why Agara Foundation's ingenious idea of a pencil that gives back to the environment is awesome and effective all at once. Not only will it not go to waste once we are done with it, it will also enhance our environment and maybe even help children try to take care of their pencil a little more and break less of them in a year (wishful thinking?). May I also hope it entices my son to write more in order to get to the bottom of it quicker?

For this pencil can be planted once we're done with it. Inside the back end of the pencil, rather than the traditional rubber, is a capsule with herb or vegetable seeds that may be easily planted by budding young writers/gardeners alike. So what are you waiting for? Let's all get down to writing and gardening.

Pencils cost EUR0.80 each and may be bought through Agara Foundation by phoning 79005037 or 79809911

Be sure to check out Agara Foundation's Facebook page for more info about this awesome organisation:

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  1. nice, I hope I can get them too, I see the sell this on museum... but not sure where to get them here at gozo :) please let me know if you know where to get them