Saturday, 24 November 2018

And Black Friday did it again

So yesterday was Black Friday. And not just in America and Canada where they had just celebrated Thanksgiving but seemingly everywhere in the Western World. Also, in some shops it was not just a Friday thing but a weekend-long deal.

As a Minimalist I don't really 'do' Black Friday and use it instead to browse for items I was actually needing to buy regardless of sales. I so don't look out for 'bargains' on things I would otherwise have done without that today I went to a shop to buy an item I saw a week ago that I was sure I would go back for and I was pleasantly surprised when at the cash point the owner told me there was a discount.

However I am not here to gloat about how much I saved by not even buying anything (though that point is true too!) Today I am more concerned with the fact that the queues of people waiting around to get into a particular shop at any time of day yesterday would be so prone to the marketing ploy that they a) took a day off work to hit the sales, b) probably waited hours to get into the shop therefore using up precious life-time, c) ultimately got into said place to be in some cases told the item has now finished and d) also probably didn't really get good 'deals' at all as shops tend to higher 'original price' to get down to the discount price sometimes.

Yeah, I am a party pooper today. And also probably ruining my chance of ever submitting a CV to work in a Marketing department and getting chosen given potential employers nowadays google prospective employees and this will come right up there in their search. Yet I am a stickler for saying it like it is.

To be fair, I have seen some honest Sales here and there. As I said already, I went back for an item today and I know for a fact that the price I paid at the till was less than what was marked on the item even last week before the hype and the fake cut off prices began. I also did see some stores advertising percentages off that seemed to be genuine. Yet the point remains that yesterday marked THAT day on the calendar when people went even more out of their way than usual to fall prey to Consumerism.

When will we all learn that Enough is actually great and More will only ever leave us desiring for yet More? Enough is achievable once and lasts forever but More can never be satisfied.

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