Saturday, 15 September 2018

Too Many Friends = Too Hectic Trip

This week an advert from a local travel agency came up on my Facebook feed. They are giving away a set of five free flights to London. I was feeling lucky, it is a destination I was anyway thinking of buying a ticket to and I had nothing to lose. Or almost nothing. The competition requested tagging four friends I would take with me if I won (well it was a trip for 5 after all). Funny thing is, not only did I not feel I had four friends I wanted to tag, let alone together. I didn’t feel it would be a holiday at all if I had to make the trip with four friends. One close friend, maybe, two a little more iffy. But four! That sounds like relaxation suicide to me.

Pre marital-separation, I used to have a friend who was hyper. One time, when my ex-husband and I were planning a holiday, he decided to invite her and her husband along. The look of horror on my face would have said it all to anyone actually in tune to me as a person. Why? Because I was definitely not planning a Quad bike excursion, multiple trips to the pool or evenings out on the town. The whole point of a holiday was, to me, the luxury of not waking up to an alarm clock, not make definite plans and definitely not exhaust myself trying to do it all. Maybe that is why I am very selective about which friends I would ever agree to go on a trip with.
Don’t get me wrong. I don’t pay a flight intending to veg in the sun. I actually get too much of the sun and beach here in Malta so not even Hawaii sounds exciting. If anything, a hyggae cabin in the mountains with a burning fireplace and snow falling steadily outside sounds much more ‘me’. However I am also willing to go on adventures, learn new languages, look around for art and well even do a bit of shopping should I visit any big city. So truly, I am quite a versatile person and always willing to try new things. I just hate getting bogged down by the ‘let’s ensure to do it all’ syndrome.

So London might still be my next destination, or it might not. I might choose to base my holiday around some art gallery featuring one or more of my favourite paintings, else go trekking in the rocky hills of Greece. The mountains with their inviting wooden cabins are an attraction I greatly consider and I’d feel at home even in the never-asleep New York.

So it is not a problem for me to be active, really, or to find interesting things anywhere in the world to try. My problem seems to stem instead from rowdiness, a hectic outlook or needing to comply to others’ tastes. So I guess I will be choosing my travel partner much more carefully than the destination after all.

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