Saturday, 22 September 2018

I Had A Dream...

Last night I had a dream. In the dream I literally pulled every single item I own out of its
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home or hiding place and started trashing most of what there was.

Somehow, after going through the sensation of letting go in my mind, I itched to try it out for real. Suddenly even the box behind my bedroom door, full of books waiting for someone to buy them, changed image in my head. Previously regarded as money to be made, suddenly they became books sitting heavy on my mind, an unwanted full box on the floor of my room. The books themselves were a mix of half-read and unimpressive and previously treasured titles that I would never before have thought of parting with. Now I want it all gone.
Considering the lightness I felt in my step in the dream as I sifted through all my belongings choosing to part with most of them, I think it is actually time to keep only what I love or need, there is no place for maybes in my life. I started out this post talking about material items and yet the same mindset applies also to other facets of life. Be it long expired friendships that bog me down for thinking about them, letting go of commitments I don't want or need and even memories I would like forgotten, I will be able in the end to find more peace and time for the real treasures in my life.

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