Sunday, 15 July 2018

Gianpula Event, Another New Experience

Only last year, I got to know I actually like Trance music. I missed out on the whole partying scene back when I was young without ever even trying it out. However last year I met a music producer who would tempt me into listening to his tracks and once I did, I was hooked. Unlike what I thought, the music, despite being electronic, was melodic and its beat interesting. I would go on to listen to any new tracks from this DJ/Producer and even become interested in attending parties where such music is played.

Yesterday I had the opportunity of attending such a party. One Off Events presented Cosmic Gate on their Materia Album Tour as well as JES and Christian Burns singing Classics live. I have only one word to say: Amazing!

Makes me regret never having done this before and yet as they say, it is never too late. Maybe it had to take the quiet resolve of this one Producer to make me see sense, which is one way of putting it. Truly, the atmosphere was great and everyone's intent was one and the same: to listen to some chilling live renditions of songs we all love to hear on repeat as well as dance to the music that blasted out through the night from the main stage.

All in all, it was an experience I will never forget though I don't plan on making it my only one.

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