Saturday, 23 June 2018

The Dave Bruno 100 Thing Challenge (Part 3) - Not Exactly 100 Things

I have not yet finished my list of a hundred items for The 100 Thing Challenge. Yet even though I am not counting, the idea has sparked in me a sense of awareness of any single item I use or think of buying. I am sure that if I were to take the challenge seriously, many items would easily get left out of the list if I needed to reduce on my total amount of things. Then again, I am not writing a book about the subject nor would I get any monetary compensation out of it (let's face it, Dave Bruno knew he would get a sum for his book so it was not such a big deal for him to part with things and then have to re-buy them later). As a single mum on a reduced hours pay I need to watch out for those items I might actually need in the future, despite being a Minimalist at heart. The twenty/twenty rule advocated by The Minimalists isn't very much in keeping with a budget containing one pay and two people. And so whilst I do plan on eventually finishing my list, if only out of curiosity and to be able to share it with my readers, I feel that even without such a list my outlook on things has already changed since starting Bruno's book. Furthermore, I do believe that regardless of that I won't be confining myself to a certain number of things in my life, I am anyway reducing always further the amount of things I actually care about. Now in my case I must admit I would never limit my wardrobe to x number of items (truth be told, I hated Project 333 so so badly even though I was totally fine later on KonMari-ing my wardrobe and probably dwindling my clothing items to less than the 132 it could encompass over 4 seasons of the Project.) I would also never keep my walls bare (I actually always wish I have more walls to put fave pieces on). That said, I feel that I am finding my footing very well with the whole idea of dwindling my number of possessions to as close to hundred as I comfortably can. Some of you might think that 'comfortably' is very much contrary to the very term Minimalism but Minimalism is about finding your own way and peace after all, hence why I call it comfortably, rather than taking it to mean abundance as some might think.

I end my short update here today, hoping you find my ideas and links useful, till next time.

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