Monday, 28 May 2018

The Dave Bruno 100 Thing Challenge (Part 2) - And So The List Begins
I started on my list for The 100 Thing Challenge. Not that I am going to try it out or rather, not planning to necessarily do so. However as I mentioned last time, it will give me a clear picture of what I count as truly invaluable and what items do I forget about unless they are in plain sight. My list began with one of my most-prized possessions and which is the MacBookPro I am writing this post on. Second on my list is the iPhone SE that’s become invaluable for me to catch up with everything on the go. Although my car wasn’t the third entry, it should have been. It might be a little big to count as a personal possession and my son and mum do ride in it often, which might cause me to reconsider whether it is actually a personal item. However deep down I know that it is and not only that, I even know that I wouldn’t be myself without it. It’s a lovely wine colour with a rounded shape as well as having a steering wheel cover with embroidered flowers and leaves on it and I could go on and on about how much I love it and how I even gave it a name and talk to it almost every day. But truly none of that matters in this case as it is in my list for the more practical reason that I am a single mother who works far from home in a country where the public transport is so bad that no one could be patriotic enough to make me feel ashamed for saying this! (Read more about public transport experiences here:

Just like Dave Bruno did when he did the original challenge, I needed to set some rules if I was really going through with making this list. Not only would the items in the list be my personal ones and exclude immobile items such as the bed, but I would also allow for like items to be grouped together. After all, there was no way I was parting with any of my clothes or shoes just for the sake of the challenge and they alone would definitely reach a hundred items without leaving space for anything else! That said, my clothes got KonMari’d more than once and I can very proudly say I do only keep things that I love and wear and no extra items at all. Now shoes are a different story that get tackled in another article I plan on publishing after this one so keep tuned!

Having determined that my clothes were going to be counted as one item, I decided to group certain ‘like’ items together for the purpose of my list yet fairly list each type on its own. Therefore my clothes, shoes and handbags all got a separate line in my list as did make up, hair accessories and a category for accessories ‘excluding handbags’ as I have too many of those to fairly group with my scarves and belts.

I would bore you to go into the details of each of my items that made the list although I do plan on eventually posting the whole list once I am done. So I will be finishing this entry now with one ironic twist. My hairdryer I’d quickly scribbled into my list as the fifth item, sitting higher up than even my car and DVDs in my original list that’s in the order in which I thought of the items in my head (and that says a lot about the indispensability of my hairdryer!) So what happens next? I diligently write it down on the Friday, only to have it break down the very following day. So much for indispensable, it left me with half a head of straight dry hair and the rest still in a frizzy wet mess. Geez, thanks dear pearly pink and white pretty item, I need a working pretty item!! I was already panicking about what to do when I remembered mum has a hairdryer and I am currently living with her so off I went to get my saving item and continued drying my hair. Only afterwards did I think there might be something wrong with the fuse rather than the drier and lo and behold, changing the adaptor made it work again. Phew. My number five item still works and now I even learnt just how much I want it in my list. Truly worth a place in my 100 things list.

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