Wednesday, 14 March 2018

On The Death of Stephen Hawking

On days such as this many articles and comments appear all over the internet about the deceased. Some are intelligent observations, others merely thoughts that people post because after all, media is about freedom of speech. I will personally not be writing a eulogy as I don't believe in writing about people, things or situations I am not familiar enough with.

However I am very familiar with the film The Theory of Everything (2014) that strives to present the story of the man and the genius and spans decades of the scientist's life. Based on Jane Hawking's Travelling to Infinity, it deals not only with the professional achievements but also the personal life of Professor Hawking. About this film I have written two articles so here are the links to a) a review about the film and b) a clarification of deviations from the original facts to the ones in the film.

Review of The Theory of Everything:

Inaccurate facts in the film The Theory of Everything:

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