Saturday, 31 March 2018

Love and Hate - Makeup

I once wrote a blog post about some fave makeup items and mentioned budget-friendly brand essence as one of my go-to brands. However today my post is more particular and is a bad review I guess you could say. Sometimes, even good brands get it wrong. So here are two items I suggest you leave out of your shopping cart and what to replace them with.

1 - the get BIG! LASHES volume-boost waterproof mascara by essence.

When my 'normal' waterproof mascara finished, also from essence, I decided to go bolder and try this one. Bigger lashes? More like clumpy ones and ruined my own lovely long ones in the process!!

My solution: back to basics, bought my trusty essence 'all eyes on me' waterproof version once again.

2 - heart-shaped essence lipstick.

It was a special edition, a truly delectable colour and suited me so so well, especially as it is in a violet tint that matches a lot of summer clothes I love as well as looks good on me, unlike some other hues. So truly, there was nothing wrong with this lipstick except for one very important detail... heart-shaped might look cute but truly, it is a nightmare to paint my lips the right shape with it!

My solution: In the end I gave up, stopped using it and now bought the closest colour I could to it in a not-special-edition with 'normal' tip-shape.

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