Saturday, 9 December 2017

What I'd Like For Christmas

This article sounds very unlike me. I mean, the things I really want for Christmas can't be bought, as they say. However for the purpose of a more commercial version of what I'd want, there actually are a few items I would love to own, regardless that I am a Minimalist. So here is a list that is by no means exhaustive but which I would never say no to and would actually ask for. In no particular order, here are my winners:

- DVDs.
Am I weird for loving how they look all sitting next to each other on my shelves and packed in lovely storage boxes? One thing I never do is remove DVD boxes to put them all in one case all together. No thanks, it would spoil most of the fun of owning them for me!

- Special Tea, Coffee or Wine
My three comfort drinks and they are consumables to boot, leaving me with no permanent 'thing' to store after I've enjoyed them.

- Candles
I wonder why! I mean, I decorate and decoupage my own candles so I always feel bad when I crave getting store-bought ones. However if someone else were to gift them to me I would not feel that I am being wasteful and appreciate the beautifully decorated ones much more than I appreciate most other types of decor.

- A Cosy PJ
Those button-down shirts and matching comfy pants in flannel that Bridget Jones wears in her 'All By Myself' scene in that first film are really a treat to my tired self throughout the winter months. I never say no to a cosy PJ.

- An Open Voucher from One4All
It can be used in a whole list of varied outlets so you can never go wrong with this one and I might actually get something I need with it rather than random extra stuff just to use up the voucher before it expires.

- A Voucher from a Bookshop
I never say no to a good book. It is true I like to borrow books, get them sponsored, or even at times buy them and then resell after use, but I appreciate the experience of reading them nonetheless and I do have faves that I buy and never part with.

Whilst those are my fave items to get, I do also love experience gifts, maybe even more-so. In fact, I originally had a blog post planned about that but it turned into a fully-fledged article for so I am linking it here:

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