Sunday, 17 December 2017

More About Gifts - Essentials

In previous posts on here and on, I have covered gifts I would love to receive ( and experience gifts ( but truly, since I am quite selective in keeping any material things at all and that the experience gifts I mention are alluring yet not really essential ones, I will turn today to mentioning some gifts that will always be appreciated and valued exactly because they are indispensable and will anyway have to be bought by the receiver if not gifted to him/her.

First up is a mobile top-up card. True that many people nowadays have a fixed pre-paid plan for their phone, but many does not mean all. After all the plans are pretty costly so those of us who do not as a rule use their mobile phone for work often opt for the good old manual pay-per-use top-up, online or through a card. I would appreciate such a gift as it would save me money, provide a needed service and not have an expiry date to use either.

Money with instructions to use for fuel or to top-up the public transport card is also a good idea in my opinion, for who doesn’t love a free trip or two?

A hamper full of food-stuffs that your receiver loves to use rather than one full of chocolate and alcohol that are after all, if appetizing also unhealthy would be another gift I'd love to get. Choose items with a long life. My personal favourites would include pasta, pesto, olives, herbs, pulses and tinned tuna among others but the list will vary from household to household.

Unless your gift receiver has sensitive skin or other particular requirements, a hamper full of toiletries is also an awesome money-saving gift. What’s more, it can include items for all the family, meaning you can get one big gift for all.

Any more ideas about essential gifts to give? Feel free to comment below.

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