Saturday, 23 December 2017

Little Thing, BIG Difference

We are nearing Christmas at a fast pace now and knowing the Maltese culture I am sure most homes are by now spick-and-span and ready for guests. There were times in the past when I managed to catch up with the Jones' in this area but more often than not, we receive no guests and so I treat my home same as always - with a little TLC but without going out of my way to have it 'ready by' Christmas.

This year due to circumstances I have even less time than usual to dedicate to the art of cleaning and to make matters worse, my son fell ill, filling my past three days with constant moans, medicine spoons and worry in addition to the multiple requests for snacks and meals that he barely touched after all. So contrary to any tradition in any region of the world, my home is screaming for a pick-me-up at this very second, as I type this on my laptop surrounded by so many things that should not be on the chest of drawers/make-shift desk. As some Minimalist books describe, once one item is carelessly put somewhere where it does not belong, it is soon joined by many other invaders till they destroy the sense of peace that would previously have dominated the spot. I mention the chest not only because it is where I have opened up my laptop to work tonight but also because I remember very distinctly just how happy I was when I cleared its top from all clutter just days ago.

Moreover, I must confess that the chest of drawers is actually no more of a concern than all the rest of my room and truly, all the rooms in the house at this point! As my son's fever spiked and the days passed in a blur of work and parental concerns, I took to leaving so many belongings here and there rather than in their designated place that I am now faced with the mountainous task of finding a 'home' for each one of these things. Which brings me to the real reason why I have been describing the chaotic state that my current house is in.

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It is true that we scrub floors and windows, plump up the Christmas-theme-covered cushions and vacuum the carpet too in time for Christmas. It is also true however that any working-mother with a demanding or sick child will be thrown off schedule in the meanest way and should she attempt to anyway catch up with sprucing up the place, be it for the festivities or throughout the rest of the year, she should always start with that little trick called 'putting it away'. It might be a small gesture towards our house, but it is the one that, alone, makes the biggest difference of all.

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