Saturday, 2 December 2017

A Practical Item For Your Wardrobe

My blog post is overdue and whilst I have watched a film with the intention of reviewing it and even did some research and a first draft for yet another post, this time Christmas related, both ideas are still in the production phase and I might actually turn the Christmassy one into an article for Eve magazine rather than the blog. And so I am left with nothing to post today and a feeling of guilt that leads me to anyway say something, rather than leave my blog unattended for more days.

In line with my recent announcement that I will be blogging about household management, I decided today to mention a small but very practical item I found to buy online that turned out to be so useful for my wardrobe. I first found out about it through a Facebook advert that led me to a site where the cost per hanger was way too much to be worth trying. However I then looked it up on eBay and got quite a few of them at less than EUR1 each. Not only are they space-saving for those of us with little storage, but also helped me group clothes by type. Now I always know all I have to do is grab the hook and hang it up and voila - my choice of cardigans, stretch trousers, blazers, shirts, or whatever other group of items I am looking up.

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