Friday, 3 November 2017

The Chain Reaction

My son calls it The Chain Reaction. He uses this name to describe any domino effect such as when, say, you hit something by mistake that in turn topples over onto something else, causing that thing to move and cause yet another reaction.

In my mind, I prefer to associate this with The Butterfly Effect. Not only is this the name of a film but also the name of a scientific theory that suggests that one small movement or event can, in a chain reaction, cause greater consequences, so to speak.
I believe in Destiny. I am unsure whether I believe that anything in the future can ever be prevented and changed but I do believe that Destiny is there, written down. I also understand that anything in our present can cause ripples that could affect it in a big way. So I know for a fact that all the things that have happened to me these past few months, since February the 28th of this year to be exact, have all caused their own direct consequences that led to my current present and hopeful future.

There were some events that happened that were totally beyond my control. There were others caused by myself and my decisions, be they good or bad ones that I made. Each small action, development and predicament as well as each mistake, led to what is now my life. However as I have just stated, it is sometimes the work of others and not ourselves, that moulds our future in ways good and bad. Through time we also might change idea about whether a particular situation led to good or bad things. So whilst one day I could be thanking a friend for being late meeting me as something wonderful happened to me in those few minutes that I was waiting outside a café, at a later stage I would wonder could I have been spared some heartache if only she had been on time. In the same way, sometimes I plead with those stars under which happened one of the most marvellous experiences in my life to tell me just why someone I don't even know managed to thwart all my future plans with their power over someone else that in turn meant something to me.

I've heard the word Destiny used too loosely and resignedly. We blame it for our unhappiness and for what happens that we believe is beyond our control when sometimes it isn't really. That is the very reason that believing in Destiny can, after all, be a negative thing. For only when we believe that what's written in the stars is beyond control, is when we stops making the effort to change what we do not want our life to be like.

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