Saturday, 11 November 2017

Management at Home
For quite a while when I was still young, I dreamt of becoming a hotel manager. Strategy games are the only ones I ever played when it comes to the digital world. I started my own magazine when I was just fourteen years old with the help of a partner before she opted out and eventually in Upper Sixth I became the editor for the Sixth Form chart newspaper.

For me, it was always about Management.

I never did become a hotel manager and I barely ever play The Sims any more and no other strategy game apart from that. I still have my own blog and write professionally but I cannot pretend to be the editor of anything but my own works at this point in time. However, I still seem to be a manager of sorts in my life.

We usually associate management with our workplace, with suits and ties or skirts and heels, with meetings and long hours. Although I do aspire to reach that level on a professional level and know I have the necessary leadership skills to possibly someday make it that far, for now I am a different kind of manager.

I have lived away from either parent's home since I was 21. I started out my independent life not knowing how to light a match (seriously!) and my cooking knowledge extended only to boiling rice and eggs. I also started out with bad money management skills and no clue to organising my stuff.

I always believed that necessity is the mother of invention, as some say, and I also believe that in all facets of life it is experience over anything else that helps us move in any path we may be on.
So whilst in no way do I perceive myself to be the perfect housewife (long way to go!) and I often find myself making mistakes along the way, I do believe that I have learnt a lot over the years and can see the difference in my budgeting skills, organisational tricks and home management in general. Yes, a household requires a great deal of management and even though a yearly balance sheet is unnecessary and we do not actively calculate the depreciation value of our items, we nonetheless are required to keep restocking the wardrobes after laundry and the kitchen cupboard after a trip to the supermarket. Failure to doing either of these two might actually result in chaos. Likewise, everyone must, perhaps at times unknowingly, keep some kind of budget or at least accounting system going, if only one that keeps track of whether the pay for the month has finished and from which account can you move funds into the VISA account you used in an emergency.

Regardless that it is a 24/7 job without a pay, household management is a very real situation that at least one adult in every house must take upon themselves to see to. So I think it would be of interest to some of my readers if I started blogging about Household Management now and again. Therefore with this post I am starting a new label on this blog. Keep tuned for my tips, tricks and musings about keeping a household happy, sane and on track. Goodbye for now, till next time.

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