Saturday, 28 October 2017

Laugh? Yes please!

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DLS Productions has in the past excelled at presenting musicals, a walk-through play and other projects that include even summer courses in anything from puppetry to Maltese text to choreography.

Last weekend's comedy was no less interesting than all the past events as seven actors took to the stage to present Laugh? I nearly went to Miami!, a comedy by Miles Treadinnick, directed by Lucienne Camilleri with the assistance of Maria Agius and produced by Yandrick Agius.

The play followed Tom (James Camilleri) and fiancée Alice (Nicole Piscopo) as well as Tom's brother Barney (Neil Grech) and his date for the night Muriel (Nicola Mangion), Alice's Auntie (Laura Cornelius) and gangster Frankie (Thomas Grixti), in a comedy of errors full of banter and miscommunications that are resolved at the end by the appearance of Inspector Hendy (Kyle Mangani), who arrives on the scene to solve the case.

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I have been to several plays over the years, be it musical, drama or comedy, but I have to admit that this was by far the best comedic interpretation I have seen. From the robust periodic set that served many purposes throughout the various scenes, to the perfectly articulated English and superbly timed phrases, the play was a joy to follow. My good impression was further enhanced when, after the show, I came across the actors off the stage and realised they were youngsters, most of them still in their late teens or early twenties.

It ran for two nights in competition with The Phantom of the Opera and yet the theatre was full for the two hour live show I attended. In fact I think it was rather a pity that it ran for only two nights and when there was a big musical to contend with. Truly, it was a show that had me begging for more so I must admit that Laugh? had me in stitches of laughter throughout.

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